Reasons to Consider Hair Growth: Your Public Persona

Health is one of the biggest markers we look for in someone when we meet them in person. Though this may not be just, first impressions are quick and sometimes determined by evaluations of whether a person looks non-conformist in many ways. Though this is a problem, it is a marker of something that you can use to help create an image of yourself that you love and can be proud of.

The system of first impressions is incredibly easy to game, unfortunately. Which, while this directly hurts many who can’t change this, one of the easiest ways to get your own first impressions on the positive end of things is fairly simple: your hair. Hair is a very common indicator of many things. Women, at the very least, look at the hair in order to see social cues, signals, and markers for how that person is doing. So let’s talk about some specific reasons why you should pay attention to your hair.

A Marker of Togetherness

This type of togetherness isn’t the type that bombards activist and political channels, but rather a more individual effect. To see yourself as “together” requires a certain bare minimum of effort. If you see yourself as holding things in place, chances are the subtle cues of body language and fashion will convince everyone else as well.

This is a subtle thing, but if your hair is struggling to improve your self-image, hair growth options such as Keranique can make it a faster and easier task to make your hair not just grow more, but fuller in general. Wispy hair is a style for sure and can be used to your advantage, but special care is a less attractive option when the bills start rolling in.

Avoiding Bad Hair Days

A bad hair day is a classic trope in all sorts of fiction, but it really does happen. With less hair or worse quality hair, it’s more of a possibility that on a specific day you just won’t be able to make it behave. Frizzy styles are easily stylish, but if it isn’t intentional that kind of outfit defining look can be a severe detriment to your appearance.

Self-esteem is also something to watch out for. A bad hair day can be more than just the hair, also waking up wrong is a very easy way to start the first meeting with a very, very negative impression. It can be extremely empowering to wake up poorly but look in the mirror and see that, yes, my hair looks amazing today. This kind of sudden moment of realization is one of the joys of life, and if you are struggling to care for your body it can manifest in a lack of self-love.

Don’t take it from me though, click here for a great summary of the various reasons to try hair care as part of self-care. You aren’t some soul carrying a body, you are a whole-body person who should probably keep themselves healthy. You can work from the deepest problems, but that can be highly upsetting stuff. Instead, try working from the outside in, which can be both fun and enlightening.

The Societal Impact of Hair Loss

Many women never need to worry about hair loss, but just like many other myths the number who don’t is astronomically lower than what you might think. Hair loss can lead to frizzy or wispy hair that hates to behave. You might be tempted to shave it at the first sight of trouble, but bald women despite all odds still face significant societal barriers just for the plain fact of their lack of hair.

This kind of active discrimination has been noted before, such as in this newspaper article:, but never has it taken center stage as something we should work on. And, this kinda makes sense when you look at the reasons I’ve stated above. Hair is an easy social indicator, one that may actually be hardwired into the brain. These kinds of biological eye-catching points are super hard to work against, so for those with the ability to have fabulous hair, be thankful and take advantage of it!

Unwanted Pity

Pity is a weird thing because, in a loved one, it can be a profoundly comforting thing. What no one wants though is to enter a normal store, a Walmart, a restaurant, or other public space, and be pitied for an unchangeable part of your life. People who use wheelchairs, canes, or other mobility assistants face this every day, but there’s a huge difference between a lack of mobility and your hair, right?

Well, the short answer is no. Emotions concerning others are short and often take seconds to develop. If you’re in a wheelchair, that is the first eye-catcher. If you’re not obviously disabled or sick (keyword is obvious, disabilities can be invisible!) the eye looks for things a little less obvious to latch on to. One of the primary methods for determining social wellness is hair. I’m sorry to say, but the hair is a focal point that can work in your favor or very against you.

Greasy, sickly, or wispy hair is considered a sign of poor health. While perhaps on the outside no one cares, on the inside it can have severe effects on your chances of landing a job after an interview, a date with someone, or any other thing that requires another person’s input. That’s not to say hairstyles based on these markers are bad, since often if it’s deliberate it can be a sign of effort, but in general, people judge first and then remove those judgments later.

No one should feel like the world is looking at their hair, but the reality is that people do so regardless of the person’s emotions. Though it’s a harsh world, you can build yourself and others by first taking a look at those neglected locks and devising a plan.

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