An Overview of Digital Marketing Tools

An Overview of Digital Marketing Tools: What do you do? There are many options, but these four tools will help you make the most informed decision. This article will discuss Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Ahrefs, and Oribi. Once you understand the basics, you can choose the tools that suit your business. You can also find a list of must-have digital marketing tools and services.

Google Analytics

As one of the most popular digital marketing tools, Google Analytics tracks user interactions and provides an overview of your website’s performance. Its dashboard consists of five common reporting areas, each with a sub-section. In the left-hand menu, you can access the various pre-set reports. For example, the first report will show you the total number of website visitors. 

Other features of Google Analytics include monitoring trends and identifying what’s working. If you’re interested in how your website is gaining traction, for example, Google Analytics will let you know which products perform best. You can also view customer churn rates to determine how much funding you should allocate to retain your customers. These insights can help you develop better business plans and marketing strategies. 


If you are looking for ways to boost the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign, here is an overview of the best tools you can use. As the backbone of digital marketing campaigns, visual content is essential. With digital marketing tools like Canva, you can create and publish compelling posts for your audience. They can even create graphs or graphics so you can share them with your audience. This is especially useful for marketers who work for an agency and must manage multiple clients.

When selecting the right digital marketing tools, keep in mind the pros and cons of each. You’ll also want to look for one that offers the proper price-performance ratio. There are thousands of these tools available in the market. When choosing a tool, remember to check its pricing plan, number of users, and bundle packages. A flexible schedule will give you more flexibility as you can scale your marketing campaign as your business grows. In general, digital marketing tools will help you make smarter decisions and maximize your marketing efforts.


Ahrefs is an overview of all the essential digital marketing tools that a marketer should be familiar with. Its keyword research, competitive analysis, and content explorer help marketers discover opportunities and identify problems related to link building and collaborations. Its rank checker lets you investigate tracked keywords in detail. Its filtering options differ depending on the keyword you’re tracking. You can also add keywords manually or use the ahrefs content explorer.

Another advantage to using Ahrefs is its ability to analyze paid search ads to see which ones are converting better. This tool helps students and new entrants to the industry see how their paid campaigns compare to competitors. It allows them to experiment with different marketing strategies and compete on a level playing field with big businesses. However, it’s not ideal for those just starting. In this case, Ahrefs is more than adequate.

Facebook Ads

If you’re unsure how to get started with Facebook ads, here’s a quick overview of the available tools. Facebook offers the ability to build highly customized audiences, a powerful tool for businesses. These ads can be created to target a particular audience based on self-reported criteria, behaviors, interests, and remarketing. To start, create a budget for your ad campaign. Then, choose what kind of audiences you’d like to reach through the ads.

The next step in setting up Facebook ads is to create an account with the Meta Business Suite. Once you have an account, create a Facebook pixel, and you can use the tool. The pixel connects your Facebook ads to your website and is a tracking code that helps you determine which types of visitors are most likely to convert. This pixel also enables you to identify which audience segments to target with specific kinds of creativity. Setting up the Facebook pixel is straightforward and rarely requires you to dig through the code.

Power Editor

In Power Editor, you can group campaigns by tags and track their success. You can also segment your campaigns by types, such as content, ad sets, or ads. It can be beneficial in optimizing your marketing strategy. This feature is helpful for SEO campaigns, which often have many different parts and require various data. An overview of digital marketing tools includes Google Analytics, Power Editor, and Ads Manager.

The Power Editor is handy for editing your ads and campaigns. Its layered structure features icons with numbers next to them. There is a campaign level, ad set, and personal ad. The deeper levels give you more granular information about your ads. Visit the Ads Manager on Facebook.

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