Maintain healthy sugar levels while enjoying sweet deals

Maintain healthy sugar levels while enjoying sweet deals from Equal Philippines at Shopee's first-mega sale of the year, 3.15 Consumer Day!


Do you have a sweet tooth? I do, I love sweets! Who doesn’t? We’re designed to enjoy sweets. But consuming too much sugar can cause obesity and many chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. That’s why this year, my goal is to lessen my sugar intake… But how about my craving for sweet food?

Let me share with you my latest discovery: Natural Stevia Tablets

Naturals Stevia tablets are the perfect option if you are looking to reduce your sugar intake but still enjoy your favorite sweet treats! It’s a guilt-free way to sweeten your coffee, tea, and other hot drinks with 0 calories and 0 net carbs.

Made with the best tasting extracts from stevia leaves, Naturals Stevia gives you a delicious sugar-like sweet taste. Packed into convenient, easy-to-carry tablets, this sweet zero-calorie goodness is perfect for on-the-go use in your favorite hot beverages.

Why it’s Better than Sugar:
1. Don’t worry about Weight Gain: 0 Calories, 0 Carbs, 0 Trans fat, 0 Cholesterol
2. Zero Carbohydrates: Dieters can have sweets drinks made with Naturals Stevia tablets
3. Diabetic Friendly: Naturals Stevia tablets do not affect blood sugar levels, Helps individuals with diabetes manage their health while enjoying sweetened food and beverages

Sweet deals from Equal Philippines at Shopee’s first-mega sale of the year, 3.15 Consumer Day!

Enjoy sweets without worrying about your sugar level with Equal Philippines on Shopee’s 3.15 Consumer Day!  On March 15, you can buy 2 get 1 free on your 0 Calorie Sugar Replacements.

Celebrate you and treat yourself with your favorite brands at Shopee’s 3.15 Consumer Day. From March 3 to March 15, check the Shopee app and enjoy an all-out shopping experience with deals and discounts such as ₱0 min. spend, ₱1 Deals, and 10% off daily.

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  1. Ang ganda naman po nitong itry .
    Zero Calorie Sweetener . Talagang ma maintain ang healthy sugar levels pag ito ang gamitin .
    Plus may good news pang Buy 2 Take 1 ngayong March 15 . Kaya add to cart n mga Mommies . 🤩

  2. Worry no more! It’s natural and Made with ingd

    Worry no more! Into healthy lifestyle and living! Sweet tooth can devour their cravings

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