Life Lessons You’ll Learn When You Move Out of Your Parent’s Home

Is fear holding you back from moving out of your parents' house and living alone? Check these lessons you'll learn when you live independently.


Due to close family ties, it is normal for Filipinos to have generations after generations of family members living under one roof. While this cultural practice has fostered closer familial ties, it has also encouraged dependence on each other in different aspects of life, such as financial and emotional.

While it seems more practical to live with your family, once you become a young adult who just finished their studies and have a job, you can consider moving out of your family home. True, it can be scary and exciting to live on your own, but trying that out as early as possible allows you to learn life lessons about living independently. Here are some of them:

Clean and Maintain Your Home

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If you lived in a townhouse for sale in Makati before with your family, you most probably share household chores with your other family members. If your family is well-off, you may have househelp to aid with other home cleaning and maintenance tasks. But when you live on your own in your place, you are responsible for the upkeep of your place.

Washing dishes, doing laundry, sweeping the floor, arranging the pantry, mopping the floors, changing sheets, and general cleaning will be your responsibilities. This might be a challenge, primarily since you work too, but this will help you balance work and home responsibilities and know how to manage your time wisely. Aside from cleaning your home, living independently also allows you to learn how to do simple repairs to save on costs.

Cook Meals

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If you’ve used to waking up with food waiting for you, don’t expect that once you start living independently. Once you move out of your parent’s home, you will have to know how to prepare and cook meals on your own. Cooking your meals is healthier and more practical instead of constantly ordering takeouts.

Before moving out, you can also ask your parents to teach you how to cook your favorite meals. You can also watch tutorials online on preparing and cooking quick yet healthy meals. It would also be better if you could learn how to determine which produce, meat, and fish are fresh when you go grocery shopping or in the local market nearest you.

Manage Your Finances

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When you start earning and living on your own, you also have the freedom and responsibility to form a budget and stick to it. This is especially important if you choose to live in a house for rent in Manila for 5K or any affordable residence so you don’t have to break the bank trying to balance your finances.

That said, you should set aside money for your rent, food, utility bills, and other expenditures. Of course, you should not also neglect setting aside money for your savings and emergency fund. It may be daunting trying to manage your finances alone, but it’s definitely rewarding once you get the hang of it!

Embrace Independence

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Living alone if you’re used to living with your family can be a bit lonely at times because you may feel homesick or isolated. After all, there’s a sudden shift from having several family members around you to being on your own. However, living independently will teach you how to embrace independence.

It will teach you how to take care of yourself in case you get minor sickness, it will teach you the joy of having time for yourself, and it will teach you how to embrace the quiet moments you spend alone for meditation and other worthwhile activities.

Be Responsible for Making Decisions

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When you start living on your own, you have the freedom and responsibility to make decisions for yourself. These include simple and big decisions in life. Of course, you may still consider consulting with your parents and others for guidance, but ultimately, you have to decide for yourself, instead of having someone else decide for you.

Making your own decisions is important because you’ll have to learn to be accountable for what you do. This will also help you avoid relying too heavily on others and seeking validation all the time. After all, growing up is learning how to become accountable for your actions and decisions.

Living on your own is like a rollercoaster ride. It is scary and exciting. You may need some adjustments, but you will regain balance and indeed enjoy your newfound joy in independence after a while.

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  1. It ain’t easy but the thing here is we’ve leaning a lot from it ! Life lessons and must be the best for you ! Being independent doesn’t mean your moving away from you’re loved ones but hence teaching you to know more and be ready for the future

  2. Thank you po for sharing this lessons .
    Hindi po talaga madali ang maging independent at tumira malayo sa ating mga magulang pero marami tayong matututunan na makakatulong sa atin ..

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