4 Home Appliances to Level Up your Place With

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After 2 years of lockdown, it’s probably a good idea to take advantage and get your hands on new home appliances to make your home better.

Upgrading your house with the latest innovations can provide several benefits that improve the quality of life overall. Plus it will be convenient, and efficient.

Here are our 4 favorite home appliances to level up your place with.

Deerma VC80 Vacuum Cleaner

The first vacuum cleaner from Deerma with a smart interactive panel. Equipped with a new generation of brushless motors and its strong suction power equaling the power of 4 vacuum cleaners, it can efficiently remove dust. Its dust cup is easily be emptied out with a press of a button. With its cordless feature and 55 minute battery life, users can clean their household without having to worry about wires getting tangled or losing power while cleaning.

Deerma EX919 Vacuum Cleaner

This very portable Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with UV-Light that removes mites and eggs that can’t be removed by a regular vacuum cleaner. As it produces hot air, it instantly kills mites and its powerful suction assures that these are removed from your sofas and mattresses.

Deerma DG20 Multifunctional Cooker

The Deerma DG20 will give your kitchen with a retro feel with its square shaped design. Its 75mm deep pot design allows you to cook large meals and provides with 4 different settings (Steam, boil, rinse, fry). Its non-stick pan makes it easy to clean after you cook your favorite meals.

Deerma DG25 Multifunctional Cooking Pot

The Deerma DG25 is a portable and multifunctional cooking pot that has 3 cooking modes; Cook, Steam, and Fry. With its portable design and non-stick frying tray, it makes it easy and convenient to carry around and clean after every road trip.

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  1. They’re represent the best! Made with perfection to a better and easier lifestyle! Indeed a level up on our home and suits really well

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