Indulge in Gifts for our Love Language on Valentine’s Day

Express your love through quality time this Valentine's Season with Kemilng and HBO Go on Shopee!


Saying I love you can be enough to make someone feel loved. But sometimes these words can also be meaningless if it doesn’t come from the heart. Now if you really want to speak from the heart then you can take your cue from Gary Chapman”s five love languages. These are languages that enable you to give and receive love from your partner in a manner that you both understand and appreciate. With Valentine’s Day coming in a few days I am exploring gifts for our love language. (Answer this Shopee Love Language Quiz to find the perfect gift for your partner this Valentine’s Day)

Each person has his or her own love language it could be words, time, action, gifts, or touch. In my case, my love language is quality time. I show my love to my partner and my family by giving them both my time and attention. Bonding moments with my family are always the best because we don’t just enjoy the company of each other, we also feel how much love we are. Sometimes we don’t even have to talk or say anything, as long as we are together we feel happy and content.

With quality time as our love language, we make sure that we spend a lot of it with each other. We love to travel with the whole family but since we can’t travel that much nowadays we got extra quality time for watching TV and working on our fitness goals. This coming Valentine’s Day I think it’s a good idea to get gifts that support our love language. With fitness and entertainment as two main areas for our love language, I decided to indulge them with these gifts.

Love for fitness. My husband and I promised each other that health is going to be our priority this year. As such working out together became part of our love language. My gift for our love language is a Kemilng Electric Treadmill and a Kemilng Adjustable Jump Rope that we can both use to get fit. You can get up to 92% discount on Keimlng products at Shopee so you may want to check them out too.

Love for entertainment. Watching TV is another love language area that I share with my husband and kids. To make sure that we don’t run out of interesting movies or series to watch I’m getting an HBO Go subscription for our home. You can get up to 30% off on your HBO Go subscription at Shopee which is why I headed there. I got HBO Go 3 month subscription voucher plus another 1-month subscription voucher for good measure.

These Valentine’s Day gifts are perfect for us because we can both use them for activities that we do together. You can also find great gifts that support or indulge your love language. Shopee has Curated Valentine’s Collections that will make it easy for you to find the perfect gift. What’s more is that you can get up to 90% off on your shopping, vouchers, and Free Shipping. A great deal for a great Valentine’s Day celebration.

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  1. Gifts ideas that surely be appreciated by our love ones ! Our love language for them for them to feel like special

  2. Magandang bonding activity po ito ngayong Valentine’s Day . ❤️
    Ang gaganda din po ng mga gift ideas na shinare niyo .. ❤️

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