Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Children


The start of a new year is a perfect time to set goals and form healthy habits for your family. Implementing positive changes can be helpful and fun at any age.

The key is to not treat your resolutions as temporary goals and to start by making small changes that you can continue to apply to your life all year long.

Here are some healthy resolutions that you and your family can set and work on:

  • Improve Your Sleep
    It’s also important to achieve your seven to eight hours of restful sleep.

    Sleep is the foundation that physical and emotional health builds on, and improving it is the perfect healthy resolution for the New Year.

  • Find a physical activity that you enjoy
    Establishing wellness and/or exercise routine that fits your lifestyle is essential to your overall health.

    To get started, choose an activity based on enjoyment and whether it fits into your schedule.

    For example, taking a half-hour walk, jog, or bike ride before work, or swimming at a gym that’s on your way home, are simple and sustainable exercise resolutions.

    Avoid unrealistic goals like training for a marathon in a week

  • Healthy Eating
    Choose your eating style and think of nutrient-rich foods when putting together a meal or snack. Meal planning prepares you with convenient, healthy food choices – so you don’t have to depend on the drive-thru at the last minute.
  • Drink Milk
    Milk is essential for bone and teeth health, can boost your immune system, helps turn food into usable energy, promotes skin and eye health, and more.

    An 8-ounce glass of BEAR BRAND Fortified Milk is an easy way to get the essential nutrients you and your family need.

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This New Year, try out a few of the resolutions in this article to help make this year — and the years that follow — the healthiest and happiest possible.

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  1. Iba po talaga ang Tibay-Nutrients na naibibigay ng Bear Brand . Kay love na love ito ng buong pamilya. Bukod sa masarap kasi ito, very Nutritious pa ! Plus, presyong abot kaya !

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