Pure Shopping Convenience with Pure Savings at Puregold on Shopee Mall

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If you are a value for money shopper then it’s likely that you are familiar with the Puregold chain of hypermarkets. Puregold Price Club Inc. opened its first hypermarket store in Mandaluyong City way back in 1998. Since then it has been known as a go-to store for retailers who want the lowest price for wholesale buys as well as shoppers who only buy for their household needs. With such low prices, these loyal shoppers get to enjoy pure savings at Puregold.

This November more shoppers can get their hands on affordably priced groceries because Puregold is now on Shopee. Puregold already has 423 stores nationwide as of now. They have 15 more on the pipeline that is scheduled to open before the year ends. In that sense, they are already very accessible to shoppers nationwide. But now it’s not just access that they’re offering, shopping at Puregold is now more convenient, more practical, and more efficient with their presence at the Shopee Mall.

Shopping Convenience. You don’t have to leave the house to get your groceries. In fact, you can do it anywhere. All you have to do is go to the Puregold store at Shopee. In short, you can shop anytime and anywhere. Plus you don’t have to carry the groceries yourself because it’s delivered right to your doorstep.

Practical shopping experience. It’s not as time-consuming as going to the grocery yourself. First, you cut on travel time going there and getting home. Second, you don’t have to walk from aisle to aisle to search for items. There are filters and search tools at Shopee to get to your items in a few seconds. Third, you don’t have to fall in line to pay. Checkout can simply take a minute.

Efficient Shopping. The online shopping tools available at Puregold on Shopee Mall make you shop faster and more efficiently.

I couldn’t agree more with this because online shopping has definitely made life easier for me in the past year. Now for more good news, Puregold on Shopee Mall has exclusive deals for you this November 2. You can get up to 15% off on Pure Basics products when you shop at Puregold Price Club at Shopee. #PanaloShoppingMoments Now that is simply Pure Savings, Pure Convenience, and Pure Shopping experience.

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1 comment

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  1. Good news naman po ito Mommy . Di na kailangang pumunta sa Puregold malls dahil meron na sa Shopee . Napakaconvenient at hassle-free ! Mapapa #SalamatShopee ka talaga ..

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