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On the hunt for affordable but quality makeup products? Yes, affordable and high-quality beauty products do exist. Whether you’re looking for a new eyeliner, serum, or styling tool, there are affordable staples out there that’ll be incredibly helpful for your routine.

If you want to know which products are truly worth the hype, catch O.TWO.O’s big discounts of up to 80% off only at Shopee Beauty.

O.TWO.O Tinted Eyebrow Soap Wax With Trimmer

Go get feathery eyebrows with this O.TWO.O eyebrow soap. Aside from being affordable, this tinted eyebrow soap is perfect for getting those really fluffy, brushed-up, model-worthy brows that gel alone can’t quite achieve.

Step 1: Use an eyebrow trimmer to remove excess eyebrows
Step 2: Wet the brush with a spray
Step 3: Dip a small amount of gel with a wet brush
Step 4: Brush out the shape your want
Step 5: Use eye concealer to hide defect part, then you will get natural feathered eyebrows look!!

Get this O.TWO.O Tinted Eyebrow Soap Wax With Trimmer on Shopee for Php 119 only (50% off)

O.TWO.O Eye Makeup Set

For Php 199, you can get this all-in-one set that includes the O.TWO.O Mascara, Eyelash Curler, and Eyeliner.

O.TWO.O PICK ME! Multi-Use Makeup Clay

The “Pick Me!” makeup clay is a multi-use tinted balm that can be used 3 ways. Its versatile formula allows you to lightly colour cheeks, lips, and lids! The texture! The pigment! The cushiony mousse that melts to the touch! Just a few dabs and you’re ready to go!

8 shades to choose from, different shades for different moods! Carry it with you anywhere! You can get the O.TWO.O PICK ME! Multi-Use Makeup Clay on Shopee for Php 109 only (58% off).

O.TWO.O Glow Lift Light Shadow Contour Stick

Multifunctional light & shadow repairing stick, Eye Primer, Highlighter, Concealer.

01: Fair color + light brown color (for fair skin color)
02: Natural color + warm brown color (for natural skin color)
03: Dusty pink color + dark brown color (for wheat skin color)
04: Beige color + cool brown color (for western makeup)

Get this O.TWO.O Glow Lift Light Shadow Contour Stick for only Php 159 

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  1. Wow. Ang gaganda naman po ng O.TWO.O Products .Bet ko po yung mga shades . Bagay na bagay ito sa mga Make-up Enthusiasts .. perfect ding pangregalo ngayong Pasko. Sakto may malaking discount ito sa Shopee Beauty .

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