Real Pastabilities by El Real: your new online destination for tried and tasted pasta recipes

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Moms love to discover new recipes to make home-cooked meals exciting and nutritious for their families. Usually, they would ask fellow moms for tips, but thanks to the internet, they can quickly contact each other or simply search the web for more recipes.

If you’re on the hunt for some fresh recipes, Pinoy pasta brand El Real launched a website with various unique and delicious pasta possibilities—or simply, “Pastabilities.”

Through the “Real Pastabilities by El Real” website or, everyone can explore pasta possibilities and share their pasta abilities. Moms can discover several pasta recipes that they can cook for the family, including unique creations from El Real. Through the website’s user-friendly interface, searching for recipes, based on the pasta type, occasion, and even ingredients, is easy.

Explore recipes of pasta dishes like these on the Real Pastabilities website by El Real.

The site also features a blog space that is filled with helpful cooking-related articles, as well as information on the kinds of El Real pasta that you can use for your different dishes.

This sisig pasta and many other unique recipes are available in the Real Pastabilities by El Real website.

The “Real Pastabilities by El Real” website is not only a source of “pastabilities”, but a community for pasta-loving individuals who love to learn and share cooking hacks. Visit now to find delicious recipes and stories that can inspire great home-cooked meals.

Excited to prepare a new pasta dish for the family this weekend? Whatever recipe you choose to make, be sure to use a quality pasta like El Real. It is made with durum wheat semolina which can help make your pasta be more “Al Dente” and make the sauce stick better. It’s also packed with nutrients such as iron, protein, and fiber. Lastly, moms will get the most value out of El Real with its friendly price offering that is truly “Value for Mommy”. You can never go wrong with the “Sulit, Sarap and Sustansya” of El Real Pasta.

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