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How to request Birth / Marriage / CENOMAR / Death Certificate online via PSA Helpline.ph

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An expired passport and valid IDs that got stolen along with my bag some time ago had me scrambling for a copy of my Birth Certificate. But based on past experience securing one can be tedious. You’d have to go to the PSA office, fill out forms, and wait in line. But this was before I discovered PSAHelpline.ph. Now getting your essential documents like Birth, Marriage, CENOMAR or Death Certificates is easier, more convenient, and faster.

What is PSAHelpline.ph?

PSAHelpline.ph is an online portal of the Philippine Statistics Authority that serves Filipinos who are in need of official documents like Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, CENOMAR, and Death Certificates.

How can you get a Birth, Marriage, or Death Certificate or CENOMAR Online via PSA Helpline?

It’s so easy! Just like with online shopping, all you have to do is visit the site and order what you need. When you get there, simply click on Order Now and select the documents you need, i.e. Birth Certificate for yourself, child, parent, or spouse.

You will then be asked to fill in some personal details including a valid I.D. for the transaction to push through. Please note that you may secure a copy of these documents for only yourself and your immediate family. Then you simply proceed to the payment and delivery details. Once you’ve got a successful transaction, all you have to do is wait for the documents to be delivered.

How much are the PSA Online Services for PSAHelpline.ph?

Fees for Birth, Marriage, or Death Certificate is at  Php365 each while CENOMAR fee is Php420.  It’s quite affordable considering that you save a lot on time, effort, and transportation costs by ordering online.

Please see the schedule of fees as of May 2019 below. The Document Fee is to be paid to the PSA. Teleserv retains the Courier and Service Fee.

Document Courier Fee Service Fee Document Fee* Total Fee
COLB P 50.00 P 160.00 P 155.00 P 365.00
COM P 50.00 P 160.00 P 155.00 P 365.00
COD P 50.00 P 160.00 P 155.00 P 365.00
CENOMAR P 50.00 P 160.00 P 210.00 P 420.00

*including Documentary Stamp Tax

What are the available Payment Options for


You don’t have to leave the house just to pay for your order. Online payments using your Mastercard or VISA credit card, GCash, or PayMaya. You can also pay through ATM via the nearest BANCNET affiliated bank. For over-the-counter transactions you can visit 7-Eleven, Dragon Pay, and Bayad outlets.

How many days does it take for PSAHelpline.ph to Deliver Documents?

Deliveries in Metro Manila usually take 3-4 days while Provincial deliveries can take 7-8 days.

Can I check the status of my Request via PSA Helpline?

Yes, you may, simply click on the Check Status button at the top page and enter your reference number. You may also call their hotline (02)8737-1111) or send an email to help@psahelpline.ph.

There is no question about it, PSAHelpline.ph is definitely a big help for those of us who need documents for ID or legal purposes. I went through it quickly and without a fuss. My documents were also delivered on time so I was actually impressed with the service. Given that Birth and marriage certificates are usual pre-requisites for school, travel, ID, and even some loan applications I decided to get copies for my daughter and husband too.

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  1. Ang ganda na man po nito Mommy Iris .. Online na pagkuha ng ating mga PSA Documents .. malaking tulong po ito lalo na ngayong pandemya .. Very convenient and Hassle-free .. Pinabilis pa ..
    Sakto po at kukuha ako ng PSA BIRTH CERTIFICATE ng daughter ko .. Thank you po for sharing this .. ♥️♥️

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