Affordable skincare must-haves from Breylee this Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day


Maintaining radiant and Beautiful skin is made easy by skincare products that suit your skin type. Finding products for normal skin types is quite easy but those with oily or acne-prone skin may find this a bit more difficult. It’s a good thing that there are also lots of products that can be explored to find the perfect match for your skin. In this aspect Skin Care from Breylee are among the products that lead the pack.

Breylee is a skincare brand that started in 2016 and is known for products that make use of plant extracts in their ingredients. I was curious about this brand and heard good reviews about it which is why I’m planning to try them out. Two of the products that stood out for me are the Breylee Acne Treatment Serum and the Breylee Whitening UV Sunscreen Cream.

Breylee Acne Treatment Serum

This serum has positive reviews for being effective in treating acne and pimples. It may not work in a flash but it works fast in reducing the swelling and gradual removal of acne. Other benefits of this product include addressing skin damage, shrink pores,  and improve the rough phenomenon caused by acne and soothe the skin. This skincare from Breylee is applied after cleansing and toning in the morning and at bedtime.

Breylee Whitening UV Sunscreen Cream

Another skincare essential that I’d like to try is this Whitening Sunscreen Cream. This is because products that protect your skin from the sun while helping you get fairer skin can enhance your beauty. This product helps protect your skin against sunburn, sunspot, sunscald, and anti-aging. It is also formulated to even out and brighten your skin tone. Thus giving you fair and beautiful-looking skin. Aside from that I also like its lightweight formula that doesn’t feel sticky.

Breylee is available at Shopee.  Get them hot at a discount during the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Just download the Shopee app and head to their store.

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  1. Wow , Breylee is good for our skin because it is gentle to use and it is effective in curing pimples and acne and also it’s sunscreen has high SPF that will protect our skin from sun damage , good news it is on sale.Must try this product s

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