High Grade Nutrition at Lower Prices with Enfagrow and 9.9 Super Shopping Day on Shopee


Most parents would like their kids to grow up smart, healthy, and well-rounded. I am actually one of those parents. This is why I appreciate reading articles on parenting and sharing insights with like minded parents. One of the things I learned is that proper nutrition is essential in raising smart and healthy kids. Something that parents can easily provide with the right milk for their kids. Milk, like Enfagrow, is one with high-grade nutrition that supports your child’s brain development.

Milk is one of the diet essentials for toddlers and young kids. This is because it’s packed with nutrients and benefits that help support physical growth. But not all milk is created equal, some are ordinary while others are formulated to boost your child’s development. In the case of Enfagrow A+ Four, your child can benefit from a formula that helps boost all 8 signs of brain development. These are boosts that can help your child grow healthy, smart, and well rounded. Here are some of the high value nutrition from Enfagrow that I appreciate.

MFGM Pro and Superior Level of DHA. Milk Fat Globule Membrane or MFGM supports both cognitive development and improvement of emotional intelligence. Although it takes more than just milk to ensure that your kids will have high IQ and EQ, having nutritional support for such development can help a lot. DHA is also an essential nutrient in brain development. As such it would be wise to ensure that your kids get enough of it from their milk.

Immunity Boosters. Enfagrow A+ Four has dual prebiotics that helps strengthen your child’s immune system. It has HMO and beta glucan which promotes gut health and gives your body a strong defense against illness.

Brainergy Complex. It has DHA, Uron, Iodine, Zinc, Thiamin, Vitamin B6 and B12 all of which are essential for brain development.

Raising smart and healthy kids with a good IQ and EQ balance can be a challenge. As parents we need to be there to support their growth academically, socially, and emotionally. But one easy part of it is providing our kids with the proper nutrition. Something made more easier this month with the exciting deals from Enfagrow at the 9.9 Super Shopping Sale on Shopee. It’s your chance to get high level nutrition for your kids at lower prices. Just download the app and visit their store at Shopee.

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  1. Yes, we should support our kids healthy growth and development , choosing the best and right milk for them like Enfagrow will ensure us that they are in the right nutritional track

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