4 of the Most Talented Creators on YouTube

YouTube is home to countless artists that produce incredible content — day in and day out, people are constantly creating new and exciting videos. Over the last few years, however, some have truly stood out with their creativity and craftsmanship. Here are four of the most talented creators on the platform.

Ann Reardon

The creator of the channel How To Cook That, Ann Reardon is a professional dietician and food scientist with an unmatched passion for all things sweet. Amidst her vast collection of recipes on YouTube, you’ll also find step-by-step tutorials on things like tempering chocolate, working with molded sugar and caramel, making truffles and plenty of other bakery skills. In recent years, Ann has popularized a ‘debunking’ style of videos, wherein she uses her dietary background to review, test and correct viral recipes and hacks that may be misleading or otherwise dangerous.

Dan Avidan

Popular on multiple platforms, Dan Avidan is renowned as both a musical artist and actor/comedian. On the musical side, Dan is half of Ninja Sex Party, a comedic duo that has created five original albums as well as three 80’s inspired cover albums. He is also wildly popular as a member of the Game Grumps, a YouTube channel that consists of several Internet personalities coming together through video games, tabletop games, reaction videos and more. Dan has collaborated with a diverse cast of creators and is well known for his blend of wholesomeness and innuendo-laced humor.

Mei Yu

Putting a fun twist on the art of drawing, Mei Yu is a creator that produces intricate, colorful works of art in a typically bright and cartoonish style. Mei’s channel captures the entire drawing and coloring process from start to finish, and each video follows a theme that often involves reimagining popular art styles and fictional characters. In addition to this, she also produces original pieces and step-by-step tutorials on drawing facial features, body parts, poses and even full characters. Mei Yu has also produced an expanding playlist of original animations, all produced in her own signature art style.

Brennan Lee Mulligan

A fairly new member of the CollegeHumor cast, Brennan Lee Mulligan has quickly made a name for himself on YouTube as an actor, comedian and even a dungeon master. Brennan has written and starred in many CollegeHumor sketch videos, joined the channel’s original game show Game Changer as a guest and now hosts the Dungeons & Dragons show Dimension 20. Ten out of the eleven campaigns on Dimension 20 are hosted by Brennan, with each story being an original homebrew. He also hosts behind-the-scenes interviews about the campaigns, often alongside the CollegeHumor alums that have starred as players.

YouTube is filled with incredible content creators, and these four examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Each of these creators has produced unique, original videos with fun and engaging concepts, as have most of their fellow collaborators. If you’re curious about any of these YouTubers, you can visit their respective channels to learn more about what they do.

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