The Sweet Scent of Big Discounts on J&J Baby Products at 7.7 Shopee Sale

Johnson & Johnson’s or J&J has been a household brand for as long as I can remember. In fact, my siblings and I grew up with J&J baby products on our dresser. We would put on baby cologne before leaving the house and put baby powder on our backs before playtime. The scents may have changed but they are still the same quality products that we trust. I actually use J&J for my daughter now just as my mom used it for us.

Here’s  why.

1.    Quality and trust. Aside from being a trusted brand, our own childhood experience with J&J baby products is enough reason to pass on the tradition to my daughter. We didn’t have any complaints when my mom would put baby powder on us. I even remember feeling good about it. J&J also kept us feeling fresh and smelling good during playtime.

2.    Affordability. It’s one of the most affordable brand around which is why I don’t feel guilty about using generous amounts of it when I was growing up. I also don’t mind if my daughter use their cologne and powder as often as they want.

3.    Fragrance and comfort. Our consumption of J&J products usually increase during summer months when it’s hot and humid. This is because Johnson’s baby powder helps absorb sweat to keep my daughter dry and comfortable no matter what they are doing. I also don’t have to worry about them smelling like sweat and sunshine because the powder has a lovely scent. Since we are in a tropical country heat and humidity is a constant. As such, J&J baby powder and cologne are also constants in our grocery list. We got JOHNSON’S® Summer Blooms Baby Powder on our shopping list this month. My daughter and I like the combination of jasmine, roses, and lilies in its scent.

Nowadays getting discounts on household and personal care products is a big deal. Even if it’s just for small and affordable items like groceries or products for my daughter.  This is why I never let any discount opportunity pass me by. This month I’ve got my nose on the big discounts on J&J baby products at the 7.7 Shopee Mid-Year Sale. They’ve got up to 50% off at the J&J official store, quite a big deal for those who want to get more for their money.

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