5 Coffee Places In Metro Manila You Should Try

Need your caffeine fix but want to avoid crowded shops? Try these five lesser-known coffee places in Metro Manila.

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Coffee shops are magical places that offer a Zen but also a productive environment. They are a haven for coffee lovers, artists, bookworms, and students spending all-nighters to finish their deadlines. With yuppies facing changes and demands in their jobs due to the new normal, coffee shops serve as their conducive third space.

You’ve most likely lounged in mainstream coffee shops that receive long queues every day. But if you are looking for something more rustic, private, and less crowded places to escape to, consider visiting these five coffee shops within Metro Manila.

Flower Ranch Cafe

Flower shops are another magical place that many people love due to their aesthetics and refreshing vibe. Combine it with a coffee shop, and you get a beautiful, energizing, artistic, and cozy place where you can spend time with your loved ones or just by yourself. One example is Flower Ranch Cafe in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. This coffee shop offers refreshing sights of fresh and dried flowers along with their menu of coffee, ice blends, and pastries. Plant parents and artists will surely love the combination of flowers and the smell of brewing coffee while enjoying their time at the cafe.

Leo’s Cafe

If you want something more minimalist, head over to Leo’s Cafe in Tondo, Manila. The cafe’s modern Zen theme will surely provide a relaxing atmosphere for students and yuppies. Professionals living in Urban Deca Homes can go to Leo’s Cafe when you want to boost your productivity and to experience a new work environment that sparks creativity.

The cafe is the perfect spot to enjoy quiet time, weekend brunches, and Me Time. Enjoy espresso blends, fruit smoothies, different cheesecake types, and fusion entree dishes.


Prominent in Quezon City is another quaint coffee shop that offers a serene ambiance and contemporary interior designs. The coffee shop has wide windows, allowing natural light to brighten the room. You’ll be glad to know that environments with natural light have been linked to increased productivity. The bustling scene outside provides a source of lively energy that contrasts with the quiet and peaceful atmosphere inside the cafe.

Magnum Opus

The south of Metro Manila also teems with coffee places for caffeine lovers and dynamic individuals to find solace and productivity. One ideal place is Magnum Opus in Aguirre Avenue, Parañaque City. Here, you’ll find a wide array of coffee flavors with notes of soft florals, cranberries, cherries, and nuts. Patrons of the place recommend Belgian Heartbreak, which is Magnum Opus’ signature shot of espresso mixed with steamed milk and fine Belgian chocolate.

Group & Boiler Coffee Co.

Another coffee place in the south you should try is Group & Boiler Coffee Co. in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Inside the cafe, you’ll see furniture pieces and layouts similar to living rooms and home offices. Pops of color and soft furnishings make the cafe the ideal place to chill during the weekends. Bring your favorite book or sketch your latest art ideas. Group & Boiler Coffee Co. might just awaken your creativity or give you the rest you need.

Coffee shops are more than just regular stops to get your caffeine fix. Their stylish and rustic interiors provide a conducive atmosphere for studying, working, and spending time with your loved ones. Try something new on your next trip outside, starting with these five coffee shops that promote Zen and calmness.




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