Shopping For Child-Friendly Furniture for Your Family’s Home


Design is a primary consideration when buying furnishings for the house. This is because our goal is to create a beautiful living space for our family. But if you have kids, child safety is also a consideration that you shouldn’t compromise. It’s a good thing that child-friendly home furniture can also be gorgeous or even elegant. Here are some furniture picks that can help you make your home beautiful and safe for the kids.

Sofa or couches. When it comes to living room furniture like sofa and couches, child-friendly furniture picks are usually those that are cushioned and have a durable frame. We all know that a lot goes on on a sofa. Kids lounge, play, sleep or sometimes eat on the sofa. It is quite common for toddlers and young kids to climb and explore the sofa during playtime. They even love jumping on it. It is also very likely that they will bump their heads or other body parts on the sofa during some of these activities. As such, sofas and chairs made from hard materials or those with sharp edges can cause injuries. This makes cushioned sofas ideal for families because it’s comfortable and safe even for roughhousing. Sectional sofas with contemporary designs are also great options for child-friendly home furniture.

Tables. Watch out for sharp corners or edges in choosing tables for your home, especially if you have toddlers. These corners can cause injury if a child bumps into them while playing. Your ideal pick is tables with rounded corners regardless if it’s a coffee table, dining table, study table, or kitchen table. But if you are dead set on tables with corners, then at least have edge protectors or corner guards installed. You may also want to stay away from glass-topped tables because they can cause additional injuries if a child bumps into them and it breaks.

Chairs or stools. Upholstered chairs are comfortable to sit in so they will help you keep your young ones in place during meal times. Just like the tables, child-friendly chairs are also those with rounded edges. Another thing that you should check when buying chairs is the stability of the chair. If it’s wobbly even if only a bit then gets it replaced because it can affect the child’s balance when they climb the chair.

Beds. Age, style, and safety are your basic considerations in choosing a bed for your child. A child’s needs change with age which is why it should be a factor in choosing a bed. For instance, pre-school kids need a small bed and bigger floor space for playing. Older kids would of course prefer a bigger bed and some would even prefer bunk beds. The height of their bed should also be low enough for their feet to touch the floor while sitting on it. Given that safety is your utmost consideration, single beds with durable frames are your ideal furniture picks. Should you decide to go for a bunk bed, please ensure that safety features are properly installed.

Drawers and cabinets. Age-appropriate cabinets and drawers are ideal furniture for your kids. These cabinets are designed to have everything within reach so that kids won’t need to climb a chair or stool to reach their belongings. However, you still need to anchor these cabinets to prevent them from toppling should your child decide to climb them.

These furniture picks can help you make it safer for your kids to have fun and enjoy various activities in the comfort of your homes. But remember that it takes more than just furnishings to make a home child-friendly. Parents should also work on creating a healthy home environment where kids can thrive and grow.

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  1. Very nice product. Hindi lang basta in design and decor but also safe for our kids which is yun ang need naten. Yong maganda pero safe para sa knila na bed furniture.

  2. Marami talagang aspects sa pagpili sa furniture sa bahay..Lalo na dapat ung fit sa kung gaano kalaki ang bahay mo..Thanks for sharing mommy iris..
    It will help a lot

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