Wais Clean for My Wais Fashion Finds with the Surf Power Combo Available on Shopee


Shopping for bargains or big discounts is a great way to stretch your budget. Those of us who have a knack for bargains have our “go to” shops or sites for items we need. When it comes to awesome fashion deals, I always keep an eye out for clearance or outlet sales and bazaars that feature pre-loved clothes. A practical option for keeping my wais fashion finds clean and fresh is the Surf Power Combo.

I found these cute outfits (my dress and Sammy’s Red Jacket) on Shopee and I’m so happy with my purchase!

Shopping on an outlet or clearance Sale with rock bottom can make any bargain shopper ecstatic. Usually, clothes found in ukay or sold pre-loved are only worn once or twice (are practically brand new) and still have great quality. Once you get these wais finds your next goal is to give them wais clean and wais care so they can look fresh and new for a long period of time. For this job, my partner is Surf Powder Detergent and Surf Fabric Conditioner, a.k.a the Surf Power Combo.

Surf Cherry Blossom detergent powder with Fabcon!
This detergent powder has Surf’s Active Clean Technology with agents that cling on to your clothes to keep them clean, white, and fragrant.

If you love our Surf Cherry Blossom laundry powder, why not try the rest of our delightful fragrance range. Surf Cherry Blossom is suitable for washing both colours and whites.

As for the Surf Fabric Conditioner, it’s got the Surf Sun-Bloom Technology that emits more fragrance under the heat.

If you think that a laundry detergent and fabric conditioner with these types of technology is expensive then you are mistaken. This Surf Power Combo is very affordable. I use it for all our laundry needs and we always get linis at doubleng bango every time. Plus, wais pa sa presyo!

If you are an “ukay”, garage sale, pre-loved clothes shopper, or online bargain hunter then you need this power combo for your fashion finds’ first wash and your washes ever after. Old, new, or pre-loved your clothes will love the Surf Power Combo.

You can order your Surf Cherry Blossom Detergent Powder and Surf Luxe Perfume Fabric Conditioner at Shopee now and give your clothes the wais clean at dobleng bango sa wais na presyo that it deserves.

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.




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  1. Kami din po mahilig sa preloved and ukay ukay. Mukhang bago siya kapag nilabhan mo na plus kapag surf yong gamit mo super bango talaga. Ang ganda sa damit and marami laman makakatipid ka kahit marami ka labahan!

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