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When was the last time you had a facial or got your skin checked by a dermatologist? For most of us it was almost a year ago before the pandemic started. Since then we are left on our own to address our skin problems. This usually means sticking to the same skin care routine and blemish remover that we’ve gotten used to. But given that skin care needs change over time, how do you know that your current regimen is still the best for you? Perhaps its time to get your skin checked by Ponds Skin Advisor Live (SAL).

If you ask me for a beauty advise I can only say wash your face or get a clean face before bed. But of course this routine does very little in managing break outs or removing blemishes. This is why I always rely on expert advice for my skin care needs. Those of us who have been deprived of skin care experts since the pandemic started can now have access to a Skin Advisor to help us with our skin care needs, the Ponds Skin Advisor Live (SAL).

SAL is an AI-powered skincare diagnostic tool built on AI-designed Conversational Bot. It is designed to analyze your skin type and match it with Ponds products that can help get the best results for your skin. I got my skin checked by the Ponds Skin Advisor Live (SAL) and it was really easy. I simply followed the CHAT, SNAP, and BUY instructions at the Ponds official store at Shopee.

1. Click on CHAT NOW when you view a Ponds product from their official store on Shopee.

2. SNAP a selfie then SAL will give you a free skin analysis as well as product recommendations. If you aren’t comfortable sending your photo then just tell SAL about your skin goals after clicking the What should I buy tab.

3. BUY the products you need from Shopee.

Aside from being easy to use, the skin analysis was also very helpful. It was like consulting a dermatologist and getting everything you need from the visit. This is a practical option for those who want to get their skin checked and find the best skin care product for their skin. They don’t have to leave the house so there is no health risk, no transportation cost. Best of all, the consult is free!

Aside from launching SAL, Ponds is also having the ‘Smarter Skincare Just For You’ campaign at Shopee. This means more perks to look forward to from their official store at Shopee.

1. Discounts up to 50% off on selected items
2. Three lucky winners can take home one of the following prizes: a Panasonic Facial Steamer, a Panasonic Facial Cleanser, or ₱10,000 worth of POND’S vouchers for a minimum spend of ₱999 on January 22
3. Free POND’S Serum Mask, LED mirror, or manual face massager with a minimum spend of ₱799

Get the best product for your skin by getting your skin checked by Ponds Skin Advisor Live (SAL). I got my skin checked already and I was happy with the results. Now is the best time to consult SAL and buy your Ponds products because of the discounts, freebies, and prizes for the taking. This promo runs from January 20-22 so get going and get the best deal for your skin at Shopee.

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

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  1. Maganda talaga ang ponds. Super effective pa. Ponds User din ako kaya trusted brand for skincare talaga to for me.

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