Be Susta-strong and Save up to P2,000 with Sustagen Big Bundles on Shopee


As we age, our bodies change. And these changes to lifestyle and appetite can affect what and how much we eat, and without realizing it you may not be meeting nutritional needs. Ensuring you get enough nutrients, whether it’s through making changes to your diet and/or through the use of food supplements like Sustagen Premium, can contribute to improved wellbeing.

Sustagen Premium is a nutritional drink specially formulated for all adults. It has a Multi-Defense System to help keep your mind, heart, and body fit for what matters to you most.

Sustagen Premium’s Multi-Defense System is a combination of essential nutrients like inulin fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals:

  • High in Vit B6, B12 & folate that may help reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Contains dietary fiber that helps reduce LDL/bad cholesterol
  • Contains Postassium and Magnesium which give protective effects on blood pressure are promote cardiovascular health.
  • Contains Calcium and Vit D which help maintain bone health.
  • Contains Zinc and Vit A which help promote normal immune function.
  • Contains Vit C & E (anti-oxidants) that help protect against oxidative stress.
  • Contains B-Complex Vitamins, Iron and Iodine which help fight lethargy and support physical activity
  • High in protein

Be Susta-strong and save up to P2,000 with Sustagen Big Bundles on Shopee

Sustagen Premium Chocolate Adult Nutritional Beverage 5.4kg [900g x 6s]

Sustagen Premium Adult Nutritional Beverage 5.4kg [900g x 6s]

Sustagen Premium Chocolate Adult Nutritional Beverage 6.4kg [1.6kg x 4s]

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  1. Super ganda siguro nitong sustagen premium talaga laki ng sale para sa mga umiinom nito kaya ano pa hinihintay nyo bili na po at mag avail na🥰🥰🥰

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