Potato oh Potato, Why Do We Love Thee?

Reasons why we love potatoes plus Luto sa Ketchup Recipe


When it comes to veggies the good old potato is among the most popular ones. They are not just delicious, but they are also versatile, affordable, and easily available. But there is much more to this tuber crop than meets the eye and that is why we love it. If you need a reason to love potatoes, then I’d like to share some of ours.

Potatoes taste good and can be cooked in different ways.

We all know babies can be picky eaters yet potatoes are commonly turned into baby food. It was actually one of the first solid food that I introduced to my daughter Sammy when she was a baby. As she grew older, Sammy became fond of eating fries, mashed potatoes, etc. Now almost all of our meals have potatoes in it. We love it in our Menudo, Mechado, and Nilaga. Even our adobo has potatoes in it. You can enjoy it hot or cold, mashed or diced, and just about any way you like it.

Potatoes are packed with essential nutrients.

As a mom, it’s not enough to have delicious meals for the family, they have to be nutritious too. Given the nutrition content of potatoes, it’s not surprising that a lot of moms put them in their dishes. It has Vitamin C, Potassium, Carbohydrates, Protein, Fiber, Vitamin B6, and Iron. If you want to maximize the dietary fiber in potatoes, then do not remove the skin.

Potatoes are good for your health.

  • Potatoes are 100% fat-free. Eating a healthy diet low in total fat may reduce the risk of some types of cancers, a disease associated with many factors.
  • A tasty medium-sized potato with skin on (148 grams) has more potassium than a medium-sized banana. Research shows that diets rich in potassium (e.g., DASH diet) may help lower blood pressure.
  • Resistant starch found in potatoes may enhance satiety, favorably impact blood lipid and blood glucose levels and increase the number of good bacteria in the colon.
  • Naturally, gluten-free which makes them a good option for those with celiac and other related or similar diseases.
  • Can be part of a weight management regimen. At only 110 calories per serving and being one of the most filling foods around, potatoes can help reduce your food consumption by making you feel fuller longer.

Potatoes are easy to find.

Just go to any supermarket or grocery and you’ll find a variety of fresh, frozen, and dehydrated potatoes to fit your cooking needs. I buy fresh potatoes when I can but I prefer frozen potatoes because they are easier to store and handle. Plus, it’s less hassle because I don’t have to cut or peel it anymore. My daughter Sam often snacks on fries so I go for frozen fries most of the time.

These fries are great sidings for our favorite dishes one of which is the Pork in Catsup Sauce with Fries on the side.

The Pork in Catsup Sauce is one of our favorite dishes since childhood. Our mom cooked it for us while we were growing up and she still cooks it for us whenever she can. Sam has actually gotten fond of it too and added it to her favorites. Now that we don’t get to see mommy due to the ECQ, I cooked this childhood favorite so we could feel my mom’s presence even if we are apart. Nothing beats mommy’s cooking of course but this is the closest that I can get to achieving it.

As kids, we simply called it “Luto sa Ketchup” but for the purpose of this recipe we can refer to it as Pork in Catsup Sauce with fries on the side.


  • 1 kg Pork Kasim cut into strips. (Remove skin and trim fat)
  • 320g Ketchup – Original Blend (available in pouch or bottle)
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Soy sauce
  • 4-5 pcs calamansi
  • Salt, sugar, and pepper to taste
  • Lamb Weston Frozen French Fries Grade A


  1. Saute onion and garlic.
  2. Add pork and soy sauce. Just put a little amount of soy sauce, enough to give the pork a bit of tint.
  3. Squeeze juice from calamansi and remove seeds then put juice into the dish.
  4. Let it simmer until pork is tender.
  5. Cook French fries separately while waiting for the pork to become tender. Just follow the instructions on the packaging and set the fries aside once they’re done.
  6. Check pork for tenderness.
  7. Add ketchup.
  8. Season with sugar, salt, and pepper. A little at a time until you get the desired flavor.
  9. Once you get the desired tenderness add the fries and serve.

Potayto or Potahto, they may be one and the same but not all potatoes are created equal. If you want to have the best-tasting potatoes then you’d better go look for quality spuds. I myself am not an expert on spotting good ones which is why I am more comfortable with U.S. frozen potato brands like McCain, Simplot, and LambWeston.

Top-quality U.S. potatoes are delicious, versatile, readily available, and affordable.

For more interesting recipes and facts about U.S. potatoes, visit  Potato Goodness and the Potatoes USA website. Follow them on  Facebook and Instagram to know more!

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