From Camping to Glamping: Upgrading Your Camping Adventures with Style

Are you a camper or a glamper? Not everyone is built for outdoor activities. Some people love the challenges and the rugged adventure of hiking or camping while others would rather skip it.  But it would be a pity to miss out on the beauty of nature just because you don’t like to rough it out. Nowadays even those who don’t want to give up modern comforts can enjoy camping. All you need to do is go from camping to glamping.

Your first upgrade from camping to glamping is the accommodations. One of the things that people dread in camping is the lack of a proper bathroom and running water. Well, this won’t be a problem for glampers because glamping spots are equipped with a real toilet and bath in your “campsite”. Not just that you can also sleep in a real bed in a tent with sturdy structures and floors. Some of these floors are designed to withstand heavy equipment like the access mats from so you really feel like you are staying in a solid structure. A glamping tent also comes with full amenities including climate control, lights, and even appliances.

Outdoor activities are also arranged with your comfort in mind. Instead of hiking over the rough trail, glampers can take a leisurely stroll on paved trails or landscaped paths. Check your glamping resort for activities that interest you. Aside from hiking, you can also go fishing, hunting, or spelunking. If you want to bring your own equipment for these adventures then simply go to any sports shop or go to for hunting gear.

Camping and glamping is a great way to experience nature and enjoy outdoor activities. Now that you don’t have to rough it out, you can go glamping to bond with friends and family. You can even bring your dog too if you want.  Although, you may want to bring grooming accessories from for your dog if you plan to extend your glamping trip.

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