4 Elements That Add Style to Your Outdoor Space

There was a time when a few pink flamingos and some lawn chairs were all you needed for proper outdoor decor. These days, however, backyard spaces have become an important part of the home and require the same personal touches as other rooms inside. It’s easy to bring your own style outside with these four additions.

Decorative Structure

Whether left bare or hung with fabric or climbing plants, decorative structures like pergolas and gazebos instantly add drama. The key is placement, so you’ll have to decide how you want it to function such as an entrance into the garden or a shelter over your seating area. Whatever way you choose, these breezy open structures make a statement and add some flair.

Cozy Fire Pit

There’s nothing more inviting and transformative than a fire pit to turn your simple backyard into a cozy nook. The best thing about fire pits is the cool nights spent huddled around it making memories with family and friends. There are many styles to choose from ranging from simple metal bowl-like pieces to tabletop gas models and even more permanent stone structures built into the patio.

Comfy Seating

The backyard is the new family room, so comfortable outdoor furniture is a must. Opt for overstuffed cushions for maximum relaxation and add outdoor throw pillows for a pop of color and fun. Just make sure whatever you choose is suited for the elements and properly cleaned, taking care to bring anything made of fabric indoors when not in use.

Mood Lighting

Transform your yard into an enchanted hideaway by stringing twinkle lights along the perimeter fencing or other structures. Solar lights are a simple and inexpensive way to illuminate walkways and add to the warm ambiance. Ignite torches for a more relaxed party vibe or hang lanterns for an ethereal feel.

Time spent outdoors with the ones you love is always quality time. Get the most out of your outdoor space by adding just a few elements to reflect your style and wow your guests.

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