OPM hits land in top 10 viral trends with more than 1 Billion Views


Filipino pop culture has made its way to one of the world’s most influential online platforms with Original Pilipino Music (OPM) in TikTok’s top 10 viral trends in the Philippines.

Dance challenges using OPM garnered more than 1 billion views, led by #marikitdancechallenge with 964.6 million views.


@blytheDi na kinaya ng pin ko sa buhok hahaha ##fyp ##marikit

♬ Binibining Marikit – Austin Ong

#chinitagirl, #talachallenge and #Catriona were also among the most viewed dance challenges so far in 2020 with 329.7 million, 216 million and 125.8 million views, respectively.


@dexiediaz_(Late post lang po, naligo po ako) ##chinitagirldancechallenge ##chinitagirl

♬ CHINITA GIRL – Austin Ong


@mainemendozaaa03“The things I do for you.” – Arjo ##popster 🤪##talachallenge

♬ Tala – vivoree



♬ Catriona – Matthaios

As the leading global short video platform, TikTok has one of the most active and engaging communities in the world. Its diverse content creators and viewers range from the girl- and boy-next-door to top celebrities not just in show business, but also in sports, among others. Such is its online reach and influence that much of today’s trends are deemed to start on TikTok.

Completing the top 10 trending hashtag challenges are:
· #WipeItDown, 10.1B views
· #howichange, 2.9B views
· #Videoreply, 1.6B views
· #TikTokU, 1.4B views
· #Savagelove, 1.1B views
· #pictureinpicture, 567.4M views

The top hashtag challenges comprise not just entertainment, but also educational and creative videos, reinforcing TikTok as a safe online environment for showcasing everyone’s individuality, creativity and passion.

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  1. Nkkproud mging pinoy . Ang galing nman kasi tlga nila gumawa ng sayaw sa tiktok lalo na ung marikit dance challenge

  2. Wow ang galing po tlaga ng mga Pinoy kahit anong larangan po hindi papahuli. Ang dami nilang views na sobrang nakakagoodvibes at talagang trending po sya😊 Tiktok is not only educational but also entertainment and creative videos, they reinforce tiktok as a safe online environment for showcasing everyone’s individuality, creativity and passion.😊

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