Samgyupsal Cravings Solved with Gaz Lite LPG BBQ Grill; Available on Shopee


One of the things we miss today is going to our favorite Samgyupsal restaurant. With quarantine measures still in place, the best I can do is whip up BBQ dishes in my kitchen whenever we crave for it. But still, nothing beats eating off the grill Samgyupsal style. This is why I was happy to find the Gaz Lite LPG BBQ Grill at Shopee.

With this new grill, we can now create our own Samgyupsal resto experience at home. The Gaz Lite LPG BBQ Grill features:

  • Japan Technology Igniter System and Gas System for safe and easy ignition and gas control.
  • U-Shape burner for even and uninterrupted distribution of flame.
  • Built-in removable drip pan for convenient and mess-free grilling.
  • Especially designed heat distributor.
  • Quick Release System for the safe removal of canister.

What I like about it is that it doesn’t emit smoke. We all know that smoke inhalation is not good for our lungs so now you can enjoy your BBQ without hurting your lungs or smelling like BBQ yourself. I also appreciate that it’s easy to clean. I am likely to be the cook, server, and cleaner in our pseudo-Samgyupsal Resto so it really helps that I don’t have to put much muscle in cleaning it. But the best feature for me is its portable design. Aside from being able to cook and eat at our dining table, we can also use it for outdoors or BBQs in the yard. We can also bring it along during outings once travel for leisure is allowed.

Now here is the good news, you can get up to 15% off when you buy the Gaz Lite LPG BBQ Grill at Shopee on July 31, 2020. The regular price of this product is already affordable but who wants to say no to a discount right? To BBQ lovers out there don’t miss out on this deal.

If you don’t have the Shopee App yet then download it for FREE at the Apple Store or Google play.

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  1. Wow another great deals on Shopee momshie. 😍 Sa lahat ng mahilig sa Samgyupsal napaka easy nalang magluto. Ganda po neto momshie lalo na po indemand mga ganitong food ngayon. 😊

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