Ready for School with Wyeth Promil Gold Four; Available on Shopee

Face-to-face, Blended, or Home-school education? Regardless of the option you choose it is important to arm your kids with the right nutrients for learning.

This is why Sammy’s pedia recommends Wyeth Promil Gold Four. Promil has long been an advocate for nurturing kids, not just with proper nourishment but also by encouraging them to let their talents shine.

Here are the reasons why we like it:

Nutrition. Promil Gold Four has a Nutrilearn System to help your child in their school activities. The Nutrilearn system is a scientific blend of ingredients that help speed up brain connectivity, support brain development, and boost the immune system. These include Alpha-Lipids, DHA, Vitamins A,C,D and E, Zinc, and Selenium.

Taste and Flavor. It is easy to get your kids to drink milk of it tastes great. Kids will surely like the combination of taste, sweet aroma, and creamy texture of the Promil Gold.

Brand Reliability. When it comes to milk products, I only go for reliable brands to ensure that my child gets quality products and nutrients consistently. In this case, Promil Gold Four fits the bill.

You can get your child’s Promil Gold Four at Wyeth Official Store on Shopee. It’s totally hassle free based on my experiences.

Buy PROMIL GOLD® FOUR Powdered Milk Drink for Pre-Schoolers Over 3 Years Old, Bag in Box 1.8kg for only ₱1,549.

Buy PROMIL GOLD® FOUR Powdered Milk Drink for Over 3 Years Old 5.4kg (1.8kg Box X 3) for ₱4,647.

Buy PROMIL GOLD® FOUR Powdered Milk Drink for Over 3 Years Old 7.2kg for ₱6,196.

They recently had a Promil sale last July 19 to 21 which offered up to 35% discount and great product bundles. You may have missed that deal but knowing Shopee there is bound to be some good deals ahead.

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