My Dream Travel Destination After Lockdown


Are you counting the days until the end of the quarantine period?

Can’t wait to go beyond the four corners of your home?

Itching to travel again?

If you say yes to all three, then I feel you my fellow wanderlusts. Our Holy Week and summer travel plans have all been scrapped due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But like most Pinoys, we have made the most out of the situation. After all, it’s no use sulking over unfulfilled travel plans when nothing can be done about it.

With flights canceled and mobility-limited during the quarantine period, we can’t even go on hotel staycations. As such, we turned our home to a staycation venue. I got to tick off some of my bucket list destinations just by going around the house. There’s the KWARTO Princesa, SALA Union, BANYO City, South KUSINA, KAMArines Sur, MESAmis Occidental, and POOLilan Bulacan.

But seriously, I do miss our trips and I can’t wait to travel again even if it’s just out of town. Right now, we just watch our old vacation videos or travel vlogs on destinations that we want to visit.

Coronavirus pandemic’s impact on travel

Travelling will never be the same again as long as Covid-19 is around. Being kept on community quarantine made me realize that I could’ve traveled a lot or grabbed every travel opportunity in the past. But regretfully, I didn’t. Now with the travel restrictions in place, I don’t know if and when I can visit my dream destinations again. Life across the globe is put on hold due to the pandemic but we are restarting life again and opening cities under the New Normal. Wanderlusts like me are waiting for the opportunity to travel again and visit as many destinations as we can. But we are also bracing ourselves against travel hurdles that come in a world with Covid-19.

We don’t know the extent of how Covid-19 is going to affect travel. But we do expect that local travels will be eased as the lockdown or community quarantines are lifted. I plan to take advantage of this and see as much of the Philippines as I can. However, those who plan to travel after the lockdown need to consider several factors before making travel plans. These include health risk factors, budget, ease, and convenience. Remember that there are Covid-19 carriers that do not exhibit symptoms. As such you are exposing yourself to risk of infection every time you go out.

Budget is another consideration as transportation, lodging, and dining rates are likely to increase under the new normal. This is because social distancing and disinfecting measures mean limited seats and extra expenses for establishments.

In terms of ease and convenience, don’t expect to breeze through transport terminals or commercial establishments like you did in the past. Expect face masks and temperature checks every time you switch rides, enter an establishment, or even cross from one town to another in a private vehicle. There is also the chance that you may get held in a quarantine facility in the middle of your travels.

All these make me wish that I’ve got a RED DOOR like the one in the K-Drama Goblin. Goblin’s red door allows you to go to one destination when you open it. No lines, no fares, no-fuss travel. Good thing, we have RedDoorz!

The famous Red Door in Kdrama Goblin

Now back to reality, how do we travel again under the new normal? It’s not going to be easy but it shouldn’t be too hard either. We all have to make adjustments to keep everyone safe during our travels.

  • First, make sure that you are healthy before you travel, not even a cough or sniffle.
  • Second, always practice social distancing, proper hygiene, and disinfection.
  • Third, choose your destination wisely and avoid crowded places or areas with known Covid-19 cases.

Given that travel expenses are likely to increase, your best bets are budget fares and accommodations. You can find some of the cheapest stays in the Philippines at Lastly, be patient and be ready for setbacks when you travel.

My Dream Travel Destination After the Lockdown

With all things considered, we have decided that we are definitely ready to travel again after the lockdown. We’re not rushing out of the country though. I’m quite happy to explore the Philippines or even just a staycation at hotels near me for now. There are lots of places that I would like to visit in the Philippines but I would really like to revisit Cebu City for our first trip after lockdown. My husband and I were married for almost 11 years before having a baby. We went to Cebu City before during the Sinulog Festival. I prayed and wished for a baby at the Basilica del Santo Nino then joined the parades and procession while carrying a Sto. Nino. After a few months, we were blessed with a baby girl. It was a wish granted indeed.

As we travel again after the lockdown, I plan to go back to the Basilica to thank Santo Nino for blessing us with our baby girl Sam. Of course, I would also like Sam to see the sights of Cebu. You can find museums and historical places around Cebu. The Basilica del Santo Nino and Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral are among the historic buildings in the City. Aside from the churches, I would also like to visit the Taoist Temple, Magellan’s Cross, and Tops Lookout which offer magnificent views of the island. Also, there are island hopping and snorkeling tours available in Cebu.

Taoist Temple
Tops Lookout

The Mountain View Nature Park is another destination that you can check out with the whole family. Aside from the wonderful view and lush nature surrounding the park, there are also pools and other recreational facilities for both kids and adults. Those who love to trek and explore nature can visit the Inambakan Falls and Kawasan Falls which are located outside the city.

A trip to Cebu will not be complete without sampling the local cuisine. Don’t leave the island without sampling Rico’s Lechon which is hailed as one of the best in the country. There is also the STK Ta Bay! Restaurant for those who want Sugba, Tuna, and Kilaw fares.

STK Ta Bay! Tuna Panga. Photo credit: STK Ta Bay! Facebook

In terms of accommodations, you can easily find hotels in Cebu that fit your needs and budget too.

RedDoorz rates for 2 nights stay.

RedDoorz has more than 30 hotels strategically located near some of Cebu’s hottest tourist destinations. It can help you find the best hotels tailored to your budget and preferences. You have the option to narrow down your choices from Plus to Premium. There are options for solo travellers, families, and couples.

Cebu Trip on A Budget (3 Days 2 Nights for 2 Adults and 1 Kid)

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. With the right budget and the right mindset, you can make your travel dreams a reality. The question now is, are you ready to travel again?

The government and health authorities are working towards opening the economy and restarting tourism gradually. When the lockdown ends and travel restrictions are lifted, we can start taking back our lives one step at a time.

As for travel buffs, we can start exploring again one destination at a time. Don’t forget to check out the PHP799 Sale at RedDoorz and get budget deals that you can use for future travels.

#LetsTravelAgainSoon and find your home away from home at #RedDoorzPH.

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  1. Sobrang miss simula summer dapat tamang talon lang sa mga pool or beach lalot sobrang init😂 sulitin natin momshes pag covid free then pasyal anywhere.

  2. Hahahaha . Lahat napuntahan ko na lalo ung KAMArines sur at southKusina pti pala ung Kwartoprinsesa hahahaha

  3. yes! momsh sarap na talaga gumala noh 😍 but we need to imbrace the new normal ❤️for our safety narin naman 👍 Sana mawala na talaga tong virus nato para free na tayo.

  4. Mapapaisip ka talaga ng pupuntahan after ng Lockdown ee.. parang gusto mo na ulit masilayan lahat ng magagandang pasyalan. Plus pa yung masasarap na pagkain yum! Sana matapos na itong krisis para bumalik na ulit tayo sa normal na pamumuhay 😊

  5. still dont want to risk momshie tatlo kids ko nakakatakot pa din lumabas masyado kahit madeclare tayung covid free kasi ndi natin nakikita ang kalaban🙂

    1. Yes Mommy Jona, kahit ako I wont risk it. Magtravel ako once sure na talaga safe. pero expect natin na matatagalan bago maibalik ung dating normal, kaya need din nating mag adapt sa new normal

  6. Hi, I’m from Cebu. You should definitely visit here again. There are still many places that are very nice to go to and foods to eat. Would love to meet you and share insights with you 😊❤️

  7. Appreciate mam for having a good plan even only in the home.It was realy hard our situation but we must carry and try learn our children to be responsible and having a long patient in this time of crisis..God always with us…
    Maybe we not see or listen him but he feel us….
    And Soon all thingin will be ok and bck to normal…..

  8. Never pa kong nkapag travel kahit before lockdown, at sa tingin ko mas lalo na ngayon. Dream ko din mkapagtravel kasama nabuo kong family, ang saya siguro non. Pero hanggang dream muna sya. Hahah. More power momsh at stay healthy sa lahat!

  9. yes sarap na talaga gumala kahit sa mall lang or around the Metro para mkakita naman ng ibang ambiance at mukha 😂. But with invisible kalaban sa loob na lang ng bahay siguro safe pa. By the way, gusto ko din bumalik ng Cebu yan kasi naging first destination ko nung unang pagsakay ko ng airplane. 😁

  10. Yes momshie iwaanna travel na talga. But pag ok na ang lahat at wow napakagandang mga lugar nayan. Sana mapuntahan ko soon hehe.

  11. Yes every travel ako Jan prang kanta Lang ni Sarah g ikot Lang ikot,ikot,ikot Lang🤣🤣🤣..
    Always ako NSA Sala union at South kusina everyday
    Thanks godbless 😇

  12. Thank you RedDoorzPh for making this all possible. Many people are looking forward for tbeir dream destination. Soon makakapagtravel din ak kasama ang buong pamilya para mas masaya.

  13. Hahaha.Dami ko tawa sa Home Quarantine Bucket List lalo na yong South Kusina pansin ko lagi akong duty dun.Sobrang nakakamis ng gumala kahit yong simpleng gala lang na punta punta sa mother in law at nanay ko .Ang laki ng mga pagbabago yong gala dati na wala kang iisipin kung hindi magsaya lang.Ngayon kung gusto mo gumala ang daming pwedeng isaalang alang lalo na ang budget,Yong kalusugan ,Pagsusuot ng mask,social distancing. our new normal na kailangang sundin for our safety.

  14. Very well said momsh.. Hindi na tulad dati kung mag plan for vacation sa panahon ngayon.. Madami ang dapat isaalang alang lalo na pagdating sa kalusugan. Kasi hanggat may covid 19, hindi pa rin tayo safe.. Kaya kailangan natin e-embrace ang new normal. Social distancing pa din, wear face mask, proper hygiene and so on.. Hanggat walang vaccine or gamot for covid 19, kailangan natin sumunod sa batas kasi para din naman po ito sa ating kapakanan at kalusugan. Hindi man siya madali, pero kailangan..

  15. Gusto ko po momsh makapagtravel din someday. Kasi po dipa po ako nakakapagtravel kahit out of town Lang. Sa province Lang po namin madalas. Pero mahirap din po magtravel now adays Lalo na wala PA po bakuna Para sa covid19. Hindi rin po natin Mae enjoy at maappreciates Yun places na pupuntahan natin.

  16. true momsh,,napaka daming gustong mapuntahan,,pero dahil sa new normal sobrang daming bagay na rin ang dapat iconsider,,tulad sa amin,,since sa airport nagtatrabaho ang asawa ko need pa namin antayin kung kelan ulit magkakaroon ng flights,,at pag may work na,,simula ulit,,bayad utang,bills,,tapos mag school pa mga kids ko,,ang daming dapat paglaanan ng budget. Tapos isa pa yung safety kelangan din iconsider,,hayyss…siguro masasabi ko nalang,,i really wish for this pandemic to be over…ma lift na ang quarantine,,what i want the most is makauwi sa bahay ng parent ko,,malayo kasi sila. transpo at security masyado pang mahigpit. Sobrang want ko na makauwi,,lalo na ngayong may sakit si papa..hayy

  17. Haha natawa po ako sa kwento mo,pero sa totoo lang kapag nakahiga kami ng family ko laging kinukulit ng asawa ko ang anak namin at sinasabing “gusto mo bang pumunta sa KUSINA ZOO, BANYO MALL AT SALA SCHOOL? Tapos sagot ng anak ko,ayaw ko punta dun papa may virus haha.. But seriously, kami din po wala naman kaming mga bucket list to travel pero naka plan kami dapat na uuwi ng ilocos kasi aattend kami ng birthday party ng Lolo at Lola ng asawa ko kaso 90th bday nilang dalawa but due to this pandemic hindi na po natuloy.. Sana mawala na para makapagtravel din po kahit sa malapit lang

  18. Ako if ever sa japan always hoping na maexperience ko rin ang mga famous scenery nila dun
    Heheh mtagal ko n yun pangarap !

  19. Wala na muna siguro gala this year dpa kasi totally safe sa labas para ndin sa safety ng mga anak natin.. Namnamin na muna natin ang Stay at home.. Madami dami din kasi tayu natutunan sa lockdown na ito.. Lahat naman ng nangyayari satin may dahilan si Lord lang nakakaalam kung ano man yun im sure para sa kabutihan nating lahat yun..
    The Earth Is completely healing‼

  20. Nakakamiss talaga mag travel, mag out of town, pumuntang island or beaches.. pero wala eh, andyan pa si Covid 19 kaya tiis tiis muna..pag ok na ang lahat , sulitin haha . Araw araw travel.. yun eh kung may budget?? Hahaha..
    Naalala ko din noon nagprusisyon kami sa Amang Hinulid, mahal na araw nun , nagwish din ako na sana magkababy na kami then after 3 weeks nga buntis na din pala ko sa panganay namin..kaya kada holy week gusto ko pumunta dun lagi para magpasalamat pero sadly di nakapunta ngayon kasi nga may Covid

  21. Nakakamiss talaga momsh lalo na pagpunta sa family in manila .. Hoping this pandemic will end soon and flattened the curve para nmn makita ko ulit family ko sa manila specially my mother na may sakit 😍😍😍

  22. Dream ko makapagtravel kahit noon pa man. Siguro malabo na ngayon matupad because of the pandemic. 😓

  23. Bet ko din yun mi yung Red Door sa Goblin.. sana meron din ako nun. para mapuntahan ko ang lugar o bansa na gusto ko. . 😊

  24. Balak sana naming mgbakasyon jn sa QC Kay hubby pero Hindi natuloy for now dto LNG Muna kmi sa bahay..baka gusto mu momsh dto samin sa Antique marami rn magagandang beaches dto intact dto samin matatagpuan ang pinaka malinis na river listed in Gaines book of record..malapit LNG po kmi sa Bora

  25. Dream ko din makapag travel jaan with my whole family!💙 HOPING na sana mangyare in god’s will 💖 thanks for sharing momsh!😍

  26. 😭😭 super miss momsh..lalo na sa probinsya nmin..dapat pauwi na mi tas biglang lockdown😭 nkaset na sana mga gagalaan nmin dun huhu

  27. Nakakamiss talaga mag travel, mag out of town, pumuntang island or beaches.. pero wala eh, andyan pa si Covid 19 kaya tiis tiis muna..pag ok na ang lahat , sulitin haha . Araw araw travel.. yun eh kung may budget?? Hahaha..
    Naalala ko din noon nagprusisyon kami sa Amang Hinulid, mahal na araw nun , nagwish din ako na sana magkababy na kami then after 3 weeks nga buntis na din pala ko sa panganay namin..kaya kada holy week gusto ko pumunta dun lagi para magpasalamat pero sadly di nakapunta ngayon kasi nga may Covid..

  28. Sana All, may chance maka travel.. Pero sa tulad namin na walang pang travel stay at home nalang.. Sa palengke lang ta travel.. 🥰🥰🥰

    1. Hello Mommy, naku kami din bago makatravel, matinding ipunan. At kapag kami naman umaalis, budgeted talaga. Bihira kami magstay sa mamahaling hotels.

  29. Napakagandang nilikha at lugar, kaso sa panahon po ngayon nakakatakot na makipag sapalaran dahil sa nangyayari. Kaya staysafe po sa ating lahat momsh 🥰

  30. Super true Momsh.. Nakakamiss nang mgtravel din. sobrang miss kona din famiLy ko pero for the safety of my baby titiisin naming di makaluwas. Pero sa totoo lang po marami akong ngawa ngaung pandemic momsh😅 Nalinis ang kasuluksulakan ng bahay,nhalungkat lahat ng kinatago tagong gamit hahha😂 pero ang pinakadabest na nagawa ko ay ang ibuhos lahat ng oras ko sa pinakamamahal kong anak. Natutukan ko siyang turuan ng tamang pagbigkas ng bawat salita. Sa taon niya kasing 2 yrs and 4l5 months dipa nakakabigkas ng salita kaya worried at nacurious kse mga kabatch niya ang linaw na mgbigkas ng salita kaya awa ng DiyOs dahil sa pandemic natuto ang anak ko💙 God is Good matatapos din ang pandemic na ito🙏

  31. Gusto ko din makapunta sa Cebub with my Family kaso kulang sa budget. Kapag nakaluwag luwag mararating din namin yan😊

  32. Ang sarap naman talaga makapagbakasyon momsh lalo na kapag may budget pero kami kahit matapos na ang lockdown still home quarantine travel bucket list muna kami kasi hindi kaya ng budget namin. Sa planggana at inflatable nalang muna langoy ang mga kids

  33. Gusto ko rin mag-Cebu! Local travel lang kami malamang nito at no international trips muna.

  34. tama po talaga, even after this pandemic, travelling won’t be the same…kakamiss talaga ang mga gala ngayon, lalo na ang feeling of walking on the beach…marami na siguro umitim at pumayat…peru quarantined tayo kaya opposite nangyari haha…but in everything we must give thanks to our God…maging masunurin nalang sana tayo lahat sa mga orders para madaling mapuksa ‘tong covid…In Jesus’ Mighty Name, magiging covid-free ang Pilipinas!!! …… more prayers so we will #TravelAgainSoon @PinayAds <3

  35. Nakakamiss po talaga mag travel lalo na kami family ko fresh pa yun experience namin magpunta Las Casas sa Bataan last summer nagpa free 1 day staycation libre ng isang kandidato grabeh sobrang ganda ng place big priveledges na makapunta kami dun ng libre dahil super expensive po ang entrance fee and libre ang food but now baka matatagalan talaga bago maulit muli kahit mag family swimming kami every summer kaya we need to face it the new normal with more sacrifice, more careful and most of all self discipline first para po sa kapakanan ng lahat…

  36. Very well said momsh.. Hindi na tulad dati kung mag plan for vacation sa panahon ngayon.. Madami ang dapat isaalang alang lalo na pagdating sa kalusugan. Kasi hanggat may covid 19, hindi pa rin tayo safe.. Kaya kailangan natin e-embrace ang new normal. Social distancing pa din, wear face mask, proper hygiene and so on.. Hanggat walang vaccine or gamot for covid 19, kailangan natin sumunod sa batas kasi para din naman po ito sa ating kapakanan at kalusugan. Hindi man siya madali, pero kailangan..

  37. yes nakakamiss po talaga momsh 😢 but its okay. safety first, kase hindi po natin alm at nakikita kung sino kakapitan ng virus. hanggang hindi pa tayo covid free, andyan pa rin ang virus .nakamamiss maligo sa dagat, lumanghap ng fresh air sa probinsya. ang daming gatherings nila na napurnada because of covid. pero advantage pa rin momsh na nakatipid, nakasave ng money. ang super advantage po is nagkaroon ng maraming time sa sa family ❤️ quality time sa mga anak. during quarantine, nadiscover ko mga kayang gawin ng anak ko in his own 😍 stay safe guys! ngayong GCQ na, wag pa rin lalabas kung di naman kelangan. ❤️

  38. True! Andami daming magagandang spots sa lupang sinilangan natin! Pero nakakatakot pa magtravel ngayon dahil sa bata ng virus. Hanggat maaari tiis muna tayo para sa safety natin.

  39. sana all may pang travel 😂 gusto ko sana ma puntahan lahat ng sikat o bantog na simabahan dito sa pilipinas 😇 pero hanggang Tresemartires cavite lang tlga ang kaya naming masimbhan 😂 pero sana matupad ksama ang pamilya ko 😊

  40. Ang daming naMiss natin this summer, tulad na nga lng ng Holy week at yung plano naming swimming mgkakapit-bahay. NakakaSAD nmn ang magiging new normal natin yung dating nakasanayan na natin malayo na sa mararanasan natin ngayon. Sana maging mabilis na ang pagkawala ng Covid.I miss everything♥

  41. Ako napasalan ko nadin po lahat ng part ng bahay namin pero ang da best sakin yung mesamis Occidental hahaha dami kasi foods pag dyan ako pumunta at nakakabusog pa.. Pero pa ngarap ko po talaga magtravel dito sa mga provinces natin kaso hindi pasok sa budget kaya tiis nalang po ako kakatingin sa mga pic na magaganda pasyalan..😅😅😅

  42. Napakasarap magbakasyon lalo na pag pinaghandaan, pinagplanohan.lalo na yung bakasyon nyo ay may ganap tlga.. Halos di mo tulugan kaka isip ng mga dadalhin gamit bibilhing pagkain, etc. Sa ngaun po wagna po muna kasi nakakatakot po yun lalo nat ang virus is galing hangin po. Stay safe po.

  43. gusto ko lahat makapunta dyan .. lahat ng family ko .. kaso sad to say may ecq man o wala ? di namin afford makapunta dyan .. 😔😔😔
    hoping one day maranasan ko din ang ☺️☺️☺️

  44. Very nice place to travel dream ko din makapunta xempre with my family kase family oriented ako kaya sana maging ok na ang lahat para maging normal na walang takot at pangamba iniisip mommy Iris

  45. Dumaan ang summer na hindi manlang naramdaman dahil sa pandemic😭😞. Nakaka miss din talaga mamasyal ang dami pa naman tourist attraction sa pilipina. Pag covid free na tayo sigurado maraming babawi at pupuntahan ang mga naudlot nilang travel destination. Thanks for the tips Mommy 😊

  46. Nakakamiss gumala kase bored na masyado sa bahay. Sana bumalik na sa normal ang lahat at mawala na yung virus para naman free na ang lahat gumala whenever and wherever they want.. Para mag enjoy at hindi n mabored😊

  47. Subrang nakakamiss ang summer. Yung magpapa init ka sa arawan na walang pangamba at takot just enjoying lang kaso dina pwede ngayon. For our safety stay at home muna tayo.

  48. Ako gustong gusto ko na makauwi sa province namin pero di pa pwede gawa ng covid kaya chat chat nalan sa mga kamag anak..nakakamis din ung mag outing ung kasama buong pamilya..kasi lahat na ata sa apat ng sulok ng bahay namin kita at napupuntahan ko na😅pray ko mawala na to sakuna na to

  49. Hello po 😊 dream ko makapag travel ako with my hubby and our kids po.😊🙏 God bless po and more power. 😇😇🙏🙏

  50. Nakakaaliw naman basahin itong blog mo momsh nakaka good vibes 😊.Maliit lang bahay namin 1 oras lang naikot ko na lahat😁,nakakamiss na mag magtampisaw sa dagat o sa swimming pool lalo napa kainit ng panahon sana matapos na tong pandemic na ito para makabalik na tayo sa normal na mga buhay natin. 🙏

  51. nakakamiss magbakasyon lalo na sa probinsyang kinalakihan mo tagal narin ng panhon sana soon makabalik kasama ang pamilya ko . 🥰 Cebu Proud bisaya here #LetsTravelSoon

  52. nakakamiss magbakasyon lalo na sa probinsyang kinalakihan mo tagal narin ng panhon sana soon makabalik kasama ang pamilya ko . 🥰 Cebu . 😍

  53. I’m from Cebu Momshie Iris!😍 Panalangin ko po talaga na sana matapos na po to at magkaroon na ng lunas para sa Covid psra mubalik na sa dati ang lahat.🙏

  54. napakagandang lugar pinapangarap nng lahat, someday makakapunta din ako dyan sa cebu,sobrang pinapangarap ko makarating dyan

  55. Masarap po tlaga gumala lalo na kapag kasama pamilya tapos family travel kayo tapos meron pa kayo mga bucketlist nang mga lugar na gusto niyong puntahan. Pero dahil pandemic, kelangan sumunod tayo sa lahat nang protocol dahil sa new normal and laging priority ang Safety and health!

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