5 Places to Visit On the Algarve

Has Algarve become a monotonous spot for you? Are you in need of a fresh perspective? Check out Algarve Golf breaks for related content to ensure you get an experience of a lifetime. When you tour the same places over and over in a destination area. You end up getting underwhelmed each time. If you are one such person and this has happened to you on the Algarve. Then you should explore more.

Algarve has a lot of great destination spots. Most of which can never bore you no matter how many times you visit them. All you need is to know the specific places.

5 places to visit on the Algarve

For your perfect visit next time you come to the Algarve’s, consider these five spots. They cut across some sights, bars, beaches and restaurants. They will help distract you from whirling away in your hotel room.

  • Cabanas Beach Bar. It is a trendy bar located at the beach with air to behold. It has a splendid menu to choose from. Besides your choice drink, Cabanas has warm staff that will serve and satisfy your needs. The beach bar has a spectacular view that will drown your troubles as your drink. It is also very friendly to kids, and you don’t need to worry about leaving your kids at the hotel. The play park located at the back for the kids is safe. They will offer colorings and books for kids to occupy them as you enjoy your drink.
  • Benagil Caves. You require transportation to access these caves in the Algarve’s. Make a trip to Praia de Benagil to board a boat. The boat will then take you Benagil Caves, and the sight is remarkable. But plan the boat trip when the sea isn’t rough. Otherwise, you will get stuck on either end. Try and visit the caves as early into your vacation as you can. It will help you reschedule if the boat trips get canceled. But even if the sea gets rough. Praia de Banagil has a shielded beach that you can enjoy as you wait.
  • Mira Mar restaurant. The restaurant has a laidback but friendly atmosphere. It is a perfect place to go and eat fresh fish. You will experience a beachfront with crashing wave sounds as a perfect backdrop. The restaurant puts up with you for six hours. You can stay from the evening till midnight with a jug-full of wine after your dinner. All this as you socialize with individuals around you.
  • Prai da Bordeira. It is a tourist landmark in Algarve. Leaving without visiting this beach is not rated as fulfilling. The beach is magnificent and spacious for surfing. It also has sand-dunes that complete the look. A walk along the beach to its viewing site makes up for an unforgettable experience. It will even be a better experience for you if you love to surf.
  • Carvoeiro town. Carvoeiro town in the Algarve’s will disapprove of the notion that it is not a great town. It’s a small town buzzing with activities. It doesn’t come across as big or a tourist town. Carvoeiro has a nice beach with different restaurants to pick from. You will enjoy your stay here and flag it as a favorite.


From the Portuguese food, excellent beaches to the scenic sites. Nice welcoming people to perfectly located restaurants and bars. The Algarve’s is one place that will blow your mind. It has a great interchange between nature’s best and lovely humans. An experience that will make it a spot etched in your memory forever.

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