Ways to Stay Healthy During the “BER” Months

The “Ber” Months are here! And for Filipinos, it only means that the holiday season is just around the corner. By tradition, most of us are starting to plan the parties and family get-togethers to celebrate it. After all, Christmas is a time for presents, eating, drinking, and being merry. For many, however, Christmas is a time when healthy habits go out the window.

According to the study of The New England Journal of Medicine, people around the globe tend to gain weight during the holidays. The study showed that the people gained weight by 0.5% during the days after Christmas. The bad news is that it can take months to shave the holiday weight gain. And we all know what can happen if we don’t lose the excess weight.

To help you stay healthy during the holidays, Beko Philippines, Europe’s leading brand of home appliances, listed 3 simple ways and tips on staying healthy and fit throughout the ‘ber’ months.

Monitor what you eat

As celebrations are inevitable, eating consciously and mindfully is key to being healthy. Study what is beneficial to eat and know the foods that are with good or bad cholesterol. Always remember to choose what is fresh and organic. And refrain from foods that are greasy, fatty, and sugary.

Do not over indulge

Food is love in the merry season. But too much love can hurt. It’s okay to binge on food for a night but binging for an entire season is a different story. Eating three times a day is good enough. More fruits, vegetables, and lean meat should be the menu. Eating right is not that complicated at all. Focusing on variety, choosing lean meat, avoiding added sugars is a start.

Move your body

If you haven’t started yet then now is the time to get moving. Pick yourself a workout and start the sweat. Refrain from sitting all day for too much sitting is bad for your physical and mental health. Do sports, jog, dance, or do anything that keeps the heart pumping. Being physically active isn’t just for a healthy body. It is for a brighter life. After all, it’s the season to be jolly, not lazy.

Invest in the right appliances

Getting the right appliances can keep you healthy as well. The right appliances empowers your lifestyle, ease you free from stress and worries . Invest in the right appliances that is not merely a tool but your household partner to daily needs as well.

For instance, Beko’s innovative refrigerator such as the RCNT415I50VZWB double door fridge has features such as the NeoFrost™ technology that provides balanced circulation of cooling and a separate airflow to avoid cross contamination. It is also equipped with EverFresh+® that keeps the optimum humidity needed for fruits and veggies to ensure that it will remain fresher and crispier for longer. It also comes with Active Fresh blue light that helps fruits and veggies continue photosynthesizing thus, protecting vitamin C intensity and its flavor and an Active Odor Filter to eliminate unwanted odors and bacteria keeping foods far from spoilage.

When cooking during the holidays, it can surely be a little tasking than usual, especially when preparing multiple dishes. Fortunately, Beko is launching this Christmas Season a freestanding cooker with Split&Cook® technology. This technology splits the oven in two, allowing you to cook two different dishes at the same time, at two different temperatures; by removing the divider the user can take advantage of the huge single oven capacity too. Beko also offers a wide range of freestanding and built-in cooking products that lets you cook freely for all different healthy tastes for the family’s healthy food celebration needs.

Beko‘s products are for improved efficiency optimizing time, costs and energy in the household. It also advocates for healthy living with its technologies that prioritize health and well-being.

To learn more about Beko and their technologies visit http://www.beko.ph/ or follow them on their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/beko.ph/.

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