A Newly Grad Gifts His Parents a Secure and Comfortable House in BellaVita

A newly graduate has already paid back the sacrifices of his parents by giving them all the love that they deserve and a new house and lot in BellaVita – a secure and comfortable house for his parents.

If you can remember, I wrote something about BellaVita, and guess what? I received an email from someone who asked to remain anonymous. His story is so inspiring and worth sharing, so here it is:

As a newly graduate with a good job that pays good enough, I kind of looking forward to buying my first property. My first choice is a car- a convenient ride to and from my workplace since I work at Ortigas but living down south, and a cool driver image for my friends and a chance to have a girlfriend. And after running it on my head a few times, my reasoning really sounded superficial and a waste of gas, money, and effort since I will only be driving myself.

The next thing I thought about is to buy a house. I am an only child and I figure that my parents sacrificed so much for me and I really wanted to give them back all their love and support. I searched for real estates in the Philippines and met with a lot of prospects. But many didn’t fit my preference. My income is not that high and I’m from the south so I searched for an affordable house and lot in Laguna. While searching, I was redirected in a website https://www.bellavita.ph. I met up with an agent and he shows and thoroughly explain to me the details and patiently accommodated my questions and answers them confidently. After looking up their model units and take a look at the place and the environment, I was confident that my parents will love it.

The quality and comfort of Bella Vita Homes are just what I was looking for a new home for my family. With its friendly and happy community that will help my parents adapt to our new home, it is also a secured community that will make me feels better for their safety. After settling in, my parents adjusted quickly and I am so happy I selected Bellavita for the looks of my parents’ face screams contented and happy.

For more information check their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BellaVitaLandCorp/

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