New School v. Old School: Which Point of Sale Category Do You Belong?

Are you still using an old school cash register? Whether you are a new business owner or looking to improve in an existing business, there is one area you cannot ignore and that is the technology you use to process sales.

The electronic cash register is a traditional device that is a basic tool which gives businesses the ability to ring up sales, calculate tax, issue store receipts and cash in a cash drawer. It also prints out simple daily reports for balancing the register and track sales.

Point of Sale (POS) system offers all the functionality of a cash register but with advanced features which allow businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively. The POS system automatically updates your inventory count without having to perform inventory tracking manually. It also gives businesses advanced analytics and reports to guide their decision making. POS System allows businesses to run more intelligently and efficiently. Most POS system can run reports on your employee’s sales performance which allow business owners to make smart decisions about staffing and training programs.

Are you unhappy with the current POS system or the limited features? If yes, then it is time to upgrade the POS system and one of the popular choices is the Clover station 2018. The Clover Station is a sleek and powerful POS system that is technologically advanced. It offers a safe, easy and secure transaction for your customers, track inventory, run reports and manage time sheets and print documents. This efficient payment processing machine takes care of the invisible side of your business.

When you choose the Clover Station, you can have the Clover Flex , Clover Mini or Clover Go system working for you.

If you prefer a compact POS system that does not take up much counter space, then the Booker POS is the one you should check out. It is powerful device that offers swipe, EMV chip and contactless payments. The Booker POS provides customizaation options so you can add hardware and components later on.

Clover gives businesses the tools they need to retain and gain customers, while keeping employees happy with easy time-tracking solutions.

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