Transforming a nursery into a child’s bedroom

Your little one is growing up so fast, passing milestone after milestone and flourishing before your eyes. While it’s tempting to wish that they would stay small forever, the truth is that the next stage of your baby’s development is just as exciting as the last – if not more so. Moving from a crib beside your bed into a nursery, your little one is now ready for their first bedroom. The moment you realize that your baby is too big or curious for their cot is a huge leap for any parent. However, redecorating your child’s nursery is not only your chance to be creative but an opportunity to encourage your little one’s independence and character. A place where your child can play, develop, rest, and socialize with friends, that very first bedroom is likely to be a very special place indeed.

So, how should you go about transforming such a space?

Choose practical furniture

Your baby’s nursery was filled with everything that they needed in those first, precious months, including a cot and changing table. Now that the nursery is becoming a bedroom you’ll want to think about upgrading the furniture. A toddler bed, or short bed will provide your little one with a place to sleep that’s not too daunting or overwhelming, while the changing table should be swapped for a chest of drawers or storage unit to hold clothes, toys, and accessories. This first bedroom will become a place for nurturing your child’s development, so ensure that it’s kitted out with everything they could need to flourish.

Play with color and characters

Whatever color scheme you chose for your baby’s nursery, now is the perfect time to think about redecorating. Does your child have a favorite color or interest? Did you opt for bold colors or neutral shades last time? Your little one’s personality is quickly emerging at this stage, which makes for a wonderful adventure. Decorate the bedroom in a way that will nurture this journey, with wall decals, stickers, and a border featuring a particular theme or color.

Embrace quirky features

Sometimes it’s the simplest features that make the biggest impact, so make the most of the bedroom’s structural features that really define the space. Bedroom shutters are great for controlling the flow of natural light, and noise, into your child’s bedroom, easing them into a restful sleep during those long and light summer evenings. What’s more, they’ll add an additional layer of warmth in the winter, and allow soothing breezes when it’s warm and sticky outside. In the long term, wooden shutters are so stylish and adaptable that the room can be easily redecorated in the future, even once your child has flown the nest.

Include plenty of storage

You’ve probably realized that your cherished one accumulates belongings at an incredible rate. From toiletries and soft furnishings, to books, toys, games, and clothing, your child is likely to need a room dedicated to their accessories – and that’s before you’ve chosen a bed! Clever storage is particularly important in a child’s bedroom, ensuring the space isn’t too cluttered so that they can play. Under-bed drawers and boxes, a bright and colorful toy chest, hanging baskets for soft toys, and floating shelves are a great idea, and will store a multitude of items without encroaching on play space.

Create a room that will grow

Babies don’t stay little for long. Chances are that your son or daughter’s furnishings, toys, likes, and dislikes will change again before you know it, so it’s important to create a space that will grow with them. Consider changeable features, such as decals and borders rather than wallpaper or paint, and choose furniture that can be adapted for use. That art table will make a fantastic homework desk in the near future! By keeping things neutral you’ll enable your child to make their mark over time.

Most likely it was a bittersweet moment when you realized that your baby had outgrown their nursery. While placing your adventurous toddler back into their cot for the second, third, or even tenth time had no doubt become a chore, you might not be ready to accept that your baby is growing up so fast. Where does time go?

A child’s bedroom is a magical place, fulfilling a variety of roles at any one time. From a playroom and safe haven, to a sleeping space and comfortable den, your child’s new bedroom has the potential to grow with them as each new milestone is passed. These next few chapters in your child’s life are going to be exciting, so it’s time to bless your baby with a bedroom that will nurture their adventures.

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