Save more and get better food preservation with the Sharp J-tech refrigerator

If you notice your electric bill steadily going up appliance roster, your old refrigerator might be the culprit. The refrigerator is one of the most quintessential items in any household, but we also know that no matter how well you maintain it, it is still going to consume a lot of energy especially as it gets older. And now that more and more people are not just looking at the convenience an appliance can offer but also at its energy-saving capacity, Sharp has come up with yet another engineering marvel –the Sharp J-Tech Inverter Refrigerator.

The Sharp J-Tech (or “Japanese Technology”) Inverted Refrigerators are developed and engineered to provide consumers with two important aspects: superior Sharp technology and sincere Japanese hospitality. These appliances were manufactured with the objective of providing more comfort and make them more convenient and suitable to any modern household.

One of the main concerns for people looking to upgrade their refrigerator is its energy efficiency. The Sharp J-Tech Inverter Refrigerator addresses this concern with their proprietary J-Tech Inverter Technology, which utilizes the unique 32-Step Control. The 32-Step Control saves energy by up to 40% with its incremental cooling speed, which not only consumes less energy but also provides precise cooling temperature. The precise temperature control protects stored food and preserves it for a longer period of time.

image001 (1)Oftentimes, no matter how thoroughly and regularly you clean your fridge interior, it will always have that scent that just won’t go away. This scent just may be caused by the different smells. your stored food items emit. The J-Tech Inverter Refrigerator anticipates this very problem with a solution –the Ag+ Nano Deodorizer, which disperses Ag+ nano molecules that trap odor molecules. This reduces the odor in the fridge interior and allows the food to smell and taste as they naturally do.

Another problem that most people have with their fridges is the lack of appropriate space for different food items and containers. The J-Tech Inverter Refrigerator not only provides a lot of space, but it also makes organization easier. Its 2-Way Fresh Room allows you to choose if you want to have an extra tempered glass shelf with a 29L capacity, or if you want a Rapid Cooling Room that has a -0.2⁰C temperature and cools items instantly the moment you close it. It also has a bigger then average vegetable room, with a 17L capacity, and a big door pocket that can fit three 2L bottles and one 500ml bottle. Its freezer can also store substantial amounts of food with its 75L capacity.

The J-Tech Inverter Refrigerator also anticipates so about when using a refrigerator. Its powerful freezing capability gives you ice fast so you won’t have to wait for hours just to enjoy a cool drink. Its wide LED lighting is optimally positioned as well, so you can view your fridge contents with ease.

A refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in the house as it stores the household’s source of nourishment. Sharp knows its importance, so with the J-Tech Inverter Refrigerator, it has created ways for you to enjoy all the benefits of a refrigerator, along with a few more conveniences that make life even easier. The Sharp J-Tech refrigerator is only one of several products designed, developed, and manufactured by Sharp to help make Filipinos live and maintain a healthier lifestyle, a commitment pushed by Sharp through its “Our Brand, Our Pride” philosophy, a pledge to uplift the quality of Filipinos’ lives through exceptional products.

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