Timeless Legacy: Lessons from Daddy

It was never really a perfect relationship that I had with my dad. It was more of a love-hate relationship that rolled with all the joys and challenges that our family faced. But, I would say that we understood each other. We learned from each other. After all the good and the bad things we have gone through, one thing remains the same: I love my dad and the lessons I’ve learned from him will be the best legacy he can ever leave me. And since, I cannot muster the courage to say this to him in person, I’m using this blog as a way to thank him and let him know how much I value everything he has done for us.

A Father’s Day Message
Thank you, Daddy, for being our Dad. I know it was not easy raising four equally hard-headed kids. Thanks for driving us to and from school until we graduated from college – I know it was not easy for you to get up extra early to bring me to school. We were not the perfect family and you were not the perfect dad. There was even a time when our challenges put us on opposing sides. But, we are still thankful for having you as a dad. You were always a cool and happy dad. You never actually ran out of new jokes. Most importantly, you gave us lessons that we will carry with us throughout our lifetime and hopefully pass on to our children as well. Your legacy of good values, good education, and good health are much more important than any other material wealth. Salamat sa pamana mo, Daddy!

The life lessons I learned from you range from the trivial to the more important things in life. The quirky habits you had that I copied when I was young, I never really did outgrow. Remember, how we would both race for the sugar jar instead of the salt shaker during breakfast? I’ve no one to race for it now but I still do sprinkle sugar on my fried rice instead of salt. And, I can still imagine mommy telling us how weird we are for our strange breakfast habit. Oh, and Dad, I also never outgrew listening to music, especially the old love songs we used to listen to together. Salamat sa pamana ng kasiyahan, Daddy!

I’ve never told you this but, Dad, you are my model for clean living. Your lack of vices is the reason why I was never inclined to try any of those bad habits. I’m very proud that my dad does not smoke and drinks only occasionally during social events. I also inherited your clean living – literally. I do fondly remember how you take such a looooooooooong time in the bathroom. Well, I do too! We can probably have a contest on who takes a bath the longest. Salamat sa pamana ng kalusugan, Daddy!


I have learned so many lessons from you, Daddy, but perhaps the most important lessons I learned from you is that when you want something, you have to be determined enough to do everything it takes to get it. Nothing is impossible when you have the will and determination. Even when you made a mistake and the whole family was against you, you never gave up. You faced all the struggles and bore the brunt of emotions until things got better. You dealt with the consequences of your mistakes and never wavered in the midst of animosity in the family. I realize now that no one is perfect. Everyone is bound to make a mistake at some point in his life. What is important is how he acknowledges his mistake, learns from it, and recovers from it. This is something that we can never learn in school. I might not be able to say this to you in person, but I have forgiven you for all your mistakes. I love you still – so much! – and am deeply grateful for all your timeless legacy. Salamat sa pamana mo, Daddy!

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