The Value of Installing Security Software For Internet

I have been a blogger for quite some time now; so this means that I am online most of the time and even 24/7! You know, I am a stay at home wife so I get my earnings from my online transactions, such as blogging. Naturally, I have been “abusively” using my laptop since time immemorial.

But there was this one time, not so long ago, where I have inserted a USB to my ever dependent laptop and afterwards, I noticed that there was something wrong with my lappy – I bet it was infected by a certain type of virus that came from that flash drive I have inserted. Because I don’t want to wait for something worse to happen to my medium of earning a living (the laptop), I decided to reformat it.

secure internetOf course, I made several file backups before I did so. After I have done reformatting the laptop, I reinstalled my backed up files, such as my personal pictures, videos, applications and software like that of my MyPhone A878, among others.

Now, I have learned my lesson – though the hard way. I am now convinced that antivirus applications, Security Software for the Internet and other similar computer utilities are really vital when you intend to prolong the lifespan of your unit and your files, too!

No more hesitations, I am now totally convince that it is a must for me to install these kinds of software so that I will not be facing the same dreaded problem again and compromise my precious files, as well as, to maintain my laptop’s smooth performance.

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