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 Big Time Rush tickets are becoming a must-have item for parents across the nation, as the show’s reruns continue to be one of the Nickelodeon channel’s biggest hits. With over 50 episodes, the show has established itself as a top choice for teen’s entertainment. Big Time Rush has transitioning from a fictional band on a television show to a full-fledged music act that is performing for sell-out crowds both in the United States and around the globe.

The Big Time Rush television show 

Big Time Rush unofficially began in late 2009 with pilot episode called “Big Time Audition.” In January of 2010, the show official debuted to an audience of nearly seven million. The show features four fictional hockey players from Minnesota who were chosen to become members of a boy band.

In the show’s first three seasons, viewers are shown how these athletes adapt to their new role as musicians, and it deals with the fame and other aspects that come with being a member of a successful boy band.

The Big Time Rush musical act 

Since the show revolves around the lives of musicians, the show naturally leads to music. Nickelodeon’s relationship with Sony Music and Epic Label Group provides a wealth of music writers and producers, and the show has been lauded for blending music and television seamlessly. Songs are featured through each of the seasons, and the first Big Time Rush album in October of 2010.

As the band’s popularity increased, the four-member group began to sell out music venues filled with young fans and their parents.

Is Big Time Rush the first group to transition from television to the stage? 

Popular music and television have a long history together. The Monkees are largely credited for starting the trend in the mid-1960s. Starring on a show about a fictional band that could never match the success of the Beatles despite their best efforts, the Monkees become one of the most successful bands by the end of the decade. The formula continued in the 1970s with the Partridge Family television show and subsequent tours.

After a bit of a lull, the late 1990s and 2000s saw a resurgence of television-to-tour entities with the breakthrough success of Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana. Big Time Rush is often compared to the Disney Channel’s Jonas Brothers, who also began on television before becoming a successful musical act.

What is the future of Big Time Rush? 

Big Time Rush is a major source of revenue for both Nickelodeon and Sony records, and the group will likely increase in popularity in the coming years. The show is one of the cornerstones of Nickelodeon’s lineup, and the tours continue to increase over time. As the band branches out into new musical genres, many expect them to reach new audiences and retain them for the long-term.

With Nickelodeon’s reputation for creating great teen sitcoms and Sony’s influence as a record producer, most experts expert that Big Time Rush’s peak level of popularity is still several years away.

Big Time Rush tickets are expected to continue being popular among both parents and children, especially in families with children under the age of ten. Whether they reach the a level of popularity comparable to Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers remains to be seen, but their current trajectory suggests a bright future.

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