Marching away from the blues

Have you seen your child look gloomy after a bad day, whether in school (failed to answer correctly a question during recitation), a spat with a best friend, or when he can’t shoot hoops at the village basketball court because of bad weather or his gaming console’s screen suddenly went fuzzy?

Don’t worry. Just like adults, kids also have their own share of “down” moments. What’s important is how we teach them to pick themselves up, wipe away that gloomy look, have fun and face life positively. And here are some friendly suggestions from our friends from Koala’s March that you and your child can do to help chase your blues away and get you back on your happy feet. With around 125 koala designs in every pack to enjoy, Koala’s March will take your mind off from all things bothering you.

A good way to start is to make yourself comfortable. Breathe deeply, inhale and exhale slowly, making sure you take in lots of oxygen into your system. Play your fave CD if you need music to bring you to a relaxed state.

Then open the box and you will see a bunch of koalas printed on delicious, flavor-filled biscuits. Take one and place it right before your eyes and you’ll instantly notice a very cute and cuddly koala. Close your eyes and put yourself in that Koala’s shoes—smiling, carefree, and happy. Now think of the luscious chocolate or strawberry cream bursting within each biscuit. Once the feeling fills you from head to toe, put one into your mouth and munch it any manner you want. Now, doesn’t that just put a smile on your face?

Try repeating the same process with each mouthful. And to make it more fun and exciting, think of happy thoughts.

Heck, you could do almost anything you can think of with these biscuits for as long as it will cheer you up. Try to remember happy moments or imagine a role-play with the koalas and make them talk. A warm glass of milk or chocolate drink can also serve as a good partner while eating Koala’s March. Feeling much better?

Always remember, we all have difficulties in life every day and it is quite normal. Sometimes, to really solve a problem, all you need is a quiet moment to relax and keep yourself cool. And most of the time, if you are more relaxed, more solutions come to mind. Of course, it is also highly recommended that you try and seek help from others, especially from your family and friends.

And that is exactly what Koala’s March does—help out and cheer up his friends! It could work the same for you.

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