Phiten reaffirms the brand’s commitment to health and fitness


Last May 14, 2011, Phiten reintroduced their line of sports, health and wellness products in an event that was held at Hyphy’s Restaurant in Ortigas. With the re-launching of their product line in the market, Phiten has reaffirmed the brand’s commitment to health and fitness.

Phiten is the leading sports accessories and apparel provider in the country. It is a well-known Japanese brand of aquametal-infused wearable technology of sport accessory and apparel. Their products aim to help maintain a balance energy flow and blood circulation.

Phiten Robinsons Galleria

Phiten was founded in 1982 by Yoshihiro Harata, an alternative medicine practitioner. Their products come in different designs and colours that are not only sporty but stylish and fashionable as well. What makes them different from other commercially available sport accessories and apparel? Through nano-technology, titanium, silver and gold minerals are broken down to nano particles which are then infused in the materials used to make Phiten products. These products, together with healthy diet and exercise help make the nerves and muscles more relaxed thereby improving the flow of energy and blood circulation.

Phiten Necklaces & bracelets

Phiten has an extensive collection of products. The bracelets and necklaces are the most popular items. A Phiten bracelet help ease the pain on the arms, wrist and shoulders. Also included in the Phiten line of products are belts, calf supporter, elbow and knee supporters, elbow guards, tape rolls and disks, shirts, ankle supporters and even sleeping paraphernalia like pillows and blankets.

During the press conference, Phiten also introduced Coach Jim Saret, an international sports training consultant.
Jim Saret during the Phiten event
Aside from sharing tips on how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle, Coach Jim Saret shared a simple exercise routine that can be done for just a couple of minutes each day. Those who attended the event were encouraged to incorporate the said exercise routine especially those who do not have the luxury of time to engage in sports or any other activities.

The 21-Day Phiten Challenge Contest was also announced during the May 14, 2011 event. Three bloggers were chosen to participate will blog about their experience of wearing Phiten products for 21 days.

Leirs, Montsch (my husband) and Sire

To view their wide selection of products and learn more about Phiten’s health benefits, log on to or visit any Phiten shop kiosk or consigned stores nationwide. Promos, and other announcements are posted at their Facebook page,

Photos during the event:

phiten - Leading media and bloggers
Leading media and bloggers actively participated in the exciting exercises and activities during the Phiten relaunch
Latest and popular Phiten accessories
Latest and popular Phiten accessories were also showcased during the event

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