Doom of the Broom


I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that technology has come a long way. The gadgets that we use nowadays, like the computer, mobile phones or digital cameras, are things that people can only envision decades ago. Even simple household items like vacuum cleaners or rice cookers were designed to make our like simpler but more productive. I guess we are just adapting to the kind of lifestyle that most of us have.

I do most of my work online and since I am home most of the time I make sure that I set aside time each day in cleaning the house. I am not a big fan of walis-tambo (broom), though. A walis-tambo is something that you would usually see around most households.

What makes me think twice about using it is that it doesn’t really get the job done. The dust just gets pushed around and it doesn’t really clean every nook and cranny of the house. And don’t even think about cleaning your carpet with a broom. You’ll just get frustrated, trust me.

Also, I remember when we were younger my mother would send my brother outside the house whenever she would sweep the floor. She was afraid that the dust will trigger an asthma attack for my brother.  My mom told me that there’s germs in the dust and using a broom alone is impossible to totally rid of the germs.

Living in a condo unit with my husband has made me more doubtful about the efficiency of the broom. When I sweep the floor, the dust just gets transferred somewhere else around the house. Unlike when you use a vacuum, it will pick up any dirt while a broom will move around the dirt. I’d end up sweeping the floor again hence wasting more time than I had originally intended. Those wasted time should be the time for my family or do other things important to me and my husband.

I never thought a simple task such as sweeping the floor can turn out to be so bothersome. I need to have a more efficient cleaning tool.

I need change. I want to start the doom of the broom. I need help!

The Dynamica vaccum cleaner promo is applicable at all Abenson outlets nationwide.

This is my official entry for Electrolux Doom of the Broom bloggers contest…


I won the Grand Prize!! =)

I want to thank everyone for your support. =) I couldn’t do it without your help.. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Thanks Jeman of Orange Magazine TV for the photos during the Electrolux Dynamica Doom of the Broom Culminating Event

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  1. This looks like a nifty gadget to have around the house. I live in a condo myself, so I guess I understand what you mean about just moving the dirt around the house with a broom. What’s amazing about this Dynamica, is how light it looks. That’s what I consider too in buying pieces of new technology. I will do the broom-trade-in thing 🙂

  2. Yes, I agree with your observation 100%. Sweeping with a broom will never totally clean a house the way a vacuum cleaner can do. Vacuum cleaners suck all dirt and grimes including germs that are not seen by the naked eye. The only problem is, vacuum cleaners especially the heavy duty ones are very expensive. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  3. hi Mel, thanks for dropping by my blog. I felt cleaning the house using a broom is just a waste of time. It will just re-scatter dust into the air.

    Take care Mel. Have a great weekend!
    @Ambo, kayang kaya mong bumili nito =) birthday gift mo sakin? thanks
    Hi Pepper, the building next door is still under construction, so imagine the dust and dirt. I sweep the floor more than 10 times a day. It’s really a waste of time…

    I also consider swapping my broom with a vacuum.

  4. I’m also having the doom of the broom moment.. that, I realized when my helpers left me and I was the one sweeping the floor.. my back! my back! argh!!!

  5. I’m not a fan of “broom”. I use a vacuum cleaner even when cleaning the tiles. But my househelp is still in love with this old school broom, that actually reminds me of getting a new one for the house. But I’m sure once she tried using a vacuum as light as dynamica, she’ll break up with the broom LOL!

  6. you’re right! using a walis tambo makes my lower back ache, especially when i sweep hard to reach areas, like under the beds. I only have a portable vacuum cleaner that i used in cleaning toys, bed to eliminate dusts and dustmites, and car upholstery.

    i am now thinking of buying this dynamica broombuster, during these times where i have no househelp, it will really of big help, even my youngest son, who’s 11 years old can use it at ease because it is light weight 🙂

    i’ll be checking on it this weekened 🙂

  7. Mitch, you’re getting a new househelp or a new broom? hahaha kidding…

    Naku, you have a baby pa naman.. It’s adviseable to use a vacuum especially when there’s an infant in the house. Maybe you can asked your househelp to use a vacuum to protect your family from germs.

  8. Oo nga ano, di nakukuha ng walis-tambo yung mga alikabok lalo na yung nasa ilalim ng kama at sofa.

    We used to have a small carpet at home but due to absence of a vacuum cleaner, I decided to remove it. This Dynamica vacuum cleaner would be a big help…Gusto ko bumili nito….San ba pwede mag-swap? hehehe

  9. Hi Joy, usually after sweeping the floor, I felt kuba nko. To think ilang balikan un kasi feeling ko d kinakaya ng walis tambo ung dumi..

    I’m thinking of buying a portable vacuum for our car, do you have an idea how much does it cost nowadays?

  10. Hi Nice, our broom was from Baguio City too. Though dali nyang malagas..

    @Wena, long time no see. ung unit namin is so small tapos daming laman so ang hirap walisin plus meron pang construction sa side namin so hirap kung walis ng walis…

    Anyway, regarding your question abt swapping, you may visit or check their Facebook account at

    I saw the promo here:

  11. I think this is a sign,lol, that my broom too has to retire and replace it with something that would lessen my time cleaning the house plus the kid’s won’t suffer from dust allergy.

    Great story telling sis 🙂

  12. A vacuum cleaner is a way lot better than the usual “walis-tambo”. We share the same dilemma when it comes to sweeping the floor. And it’s a good thing that vacuum cleaners were invented.

  13. wow sobrang makaka-relate ang mom ko sigurado sa walis tambo story na yan. How much kaya yang Electrolux Dynamica na yan at least laking tulong nyan sa bahay kaysa paulit ulit na pagwawalis in a day di ba

  14. galing, sis! funny i can still sing that electrolux song. haha! yes, thank God for vacuum cleaners. One of the greatest inventions ever!

  15. Waaah! I can so relate, would you believe that I don’t own a vacuum cleaner? and we have a small rug that I take outside and beat the heck out of it to get rid of the dust.. Totally old school. I want that vacuum cleaner! 😛

    It takes me 2 hours to thoroughly sweep our entire house, very tiring and what a waste of time, I absolutely hate the walis tambo!

    Anyway, great post, I enjoyed the comics.. 🙂

  16. very nice po! i don’t use a broom either because i am allergic to dust. instead i have a small mop that i wet with water so that all the dust stick to it. i also mop in one direction so everything is removed :d

  17. Before anything else, I love the comic strips! Hihihih.

    And, yeah, using a walis tambo can really be a pain. That’s why I really want to get my hands on one of those vacuum cleaners, too, ’cause it’s simple, very handy and can really make cleanups easy-breezy. 🙂

    Good luck! 🙂

  18. @Carlo, thanks
    @Ej thanks
    @Make Money Online, thanks for dropping by
    @Jeman, thanks. get well soon
    @Leira, thank you
    @Bunny, I haven’t check but knowing Electrolux it will be worth the price
    @Maica, I’m glad vacuum wre invented too!
    @Flow, haha bakit mom mo lang? d ka nagwawalis noh?kidding. malaking tulong talaga ang vacuum.
    @Alex, thank you so much!
    @levy, you can join the blogger’s contest too
    @Mye, same here… D ko feel ang tambo =)
    @Raya, thanks sis.. I grew up watching and singing the Electrolux jingle hahaha
    @Ate Donna, haha lugi nga maliit mukha ni monch. hehe
    @Ane, I used to do that with my rug, classic haha! Glad you enjoy my comics
    @Mona, thanks for dropping by
    @Mama, a small mop is a good alternative too. But sometimes nagpputik lang e
    @Kerslym thanks sis. nkakapagod pababalikbalik magwalis
    @blankPixels, thanks. vacuum makes our lives easier hehehe

  19. interesting! I like to try this too since I also do all the cleaning in our house on weekends 😛 cleaning the carpet is a bitch hahahaha :))

  20. mas ok talaga kung ganito ang gamit sa paglilinis mas madali matatanggal ang alikabok at paniguradong swiped out lahat! 😀 pero sana mura lang ito para nmn mapalitan na namin un nasira naming vacuum. I want the color green! <3

  21. I use broom for our floor and I have vacuum for the carpet and sofa but my vacuum is not for heavy duty so I am not contented with its performance. i think I need one like dynamica. thanks for sharing.

  22. it can really be frustrating kung walis tambo ang gamit, di pwedeng once ka lang magwawalis…. you end up sweeping the floor several times a day, nakakaubos ng oras …

  23. loved the comic strips..:D back to broom I usually wipe floor with wet mop then when dried, I’ll sweep with broom, this is to get the powdery dust that walis tambo cannot totally remove.

  24. I know that song! nkakaLSS yang jingle na yan. great entry. hope you win!

    another great product from Electrolux

  25. Wow love your comic stip……… go go go go to the highest level of cleaning.. oldo ang walis daw is nakakaliit ng tummy hehehe…….. upgraded na these days

  26. parang yan ang kailangan ko. naiinis nako sa alikabok dito sa house. tamad ko lang.hahaha. pero yeah, me mga di kasi makuha ang walis eh.lalo sa carpet.:D

  27. I just remembered my mom and dad, they both used to work at Electrolux until I was five or six. Sometimes I even go with them selling their appliances from one house to another…Anyway, as a self-confessed technology lover, of course, I will definitely opt for vacuum…It will really make my life much more easier…

  28. hello re: your querry about the portable vacuum cleaner, i bought it at Handy Man two years ago for Php 3,500+, the brand is Black and Decker 🙂

  29. I don’t like to use walis tambo too. It can’t sweep my falling hair and sometimes the walis tambo even adds up to the dirt in the floor. I hope I can afford to buy a vacuum cleaner, this item will surely help make life easier for us. Nice comic script by the way good luck!

  30. Haha classic Electrolux jingle! Pero true, I prefer using the vacuum cleaner when cleaning around the house because it’s really thorough. I also have allergic rhinitis so the slightest dust makes my nose itch like crazy.

    Good deal din ha, I wonder how much the Dynamica is?

  31. Thanx for the effort, keep up the good work Great work, I am going to start a small Blog Engine course work using your site I hope you enjoy blogging with the popular you express are really awesome. Hope you will right some more posts.

  32. I’ve read some good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how much effort you put to create such a excellent informative website.

  33. Galing naman! When I get back to the Philippines, I’ll definitely get a dynamica vacuum especially sa condo natin sobrang alikabok

  34. parang yan ang kailangan ko. naiinis nako sa alikabok dito sa house. tamad ko lang.hahaha. pero yeah, me mga di kasi makuha ang walis eh.lalo sa carpet

  35. When I was young I hate it when my mom asked me to sweep the floor. Until now, I still hate BROOMS! Let’s start the doom of the broom!

  36. Nice comic. simple and realistic. 🙂

    We do own one of this vacuum cleaner and ever since that i feel that our became much more sanitize and much more easier to breath. We even use it in our car 🙂

    We have been an electrolux user ever since. So i really recommend this to everyone.

  37. SUPERcalifragilisticxfialidocious….wala ako masabi….you are really a professional writer and journalist…ganda ng comics and right away alam mo ang pino promote…


  38. We have the same problem, the worst of it is I have an allergy to dust. that’s why I prefer using a vacuum than a broom

  39. the electrolux agent didn’t have a hard time convincing me to buy the vacuum..oo agad! bought mine last december and enjoy kahit wala maid..

  40. I’m also considering of buying a vacuum! the dust all over the house irritates me specially now. there’s a construction going on in front of our house..

  41. Love the comic strip, and I agree with your message. Good luck and I do hope you win! I miss the Electrolux jingle tuloy!

  42. tpos pag may hinahanap k n maliit na bagay like for example earrings mo nalaglag…i vacuum mo ang place hehehehe and check it before you throw the dust andun malamang ang hinahanap mo ahahha :))

  43. I love the comics approach sis! 🙂 So creative! ^_^ I too hate broom and would agree that those dust and dirt are just being pushed away. I’d rather have a vacuum cleaner pick up those dirt. Good luck sis! ^_^

  44. Hi friend, your blog’s layout is basic and thoroughly clean and i’m keen on it. Your comics are outstanding. Goodbye walis!

  45. I could not have agreed more.. With Walis tambo, it will take hours before you completely clean the house. unlike with vacuum, it will only take you a few minutes..

  46. As for me, I did use a vacuum before but it failed to give the service I need. So I went back to using a broom which I’ve always loved anyway. Hopefully, this brand of vacuum delivers what it promises to do. 🙂

  47. I use broom for our floor and I have vacuum for the carpet and sofa but my vacuum is not for heavy duty so I am not contented with its performance. i think I need one like dynamica. thanks for sharing

  48. Agrees with everything you said. nkakapagod paulitulit na pagwawalis. d kaya ng isang walisan. kelangan balik balikan.. masakit sa likod

  49. This is really interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your excellent post. Also, I’ve shared your site in my social networks!

    It\’s the doom of the broom!

  50. Happy easter. Nakakarelate ako sa comics. nangyari nsakin yan b4. napunit ung pants ko kakatungo at kakaabot ng ilalim ng kama. ung ang mahirap linisin mga ilailalim. kaya mas gusto ko vacuum

  51. astig! galing ng comics strip.. effective ang pag advertise ng product! bibili ako nyan hahaha

  52. First of all I must admit that I love the style of your blog! Very creative post.

    My wife and I agrees in everything you said in this post. Also what I love abput vacuum cleaners isthat they are not just for home use. We also use one when cleaning our car.

  53. Greetings! Very helpful advice on this article! It is the little changes that make the biggest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  54. Now I understand why my wife always complains after sweeping the floor. thanks to your cute comic. I’ll buy her a dynamica vacuum soon.

  55. great post! I totally agree with what you\’ve said! masakit sa likod magwalis noh???? buti nalang someone invited the vacuum

  56. Oi Iris may talent ka pala sa comics hahaha. Pero maganda ha. luv it. sana magkaron din kami ng vacuum. nakukuba na ako kakawalis eeeeeeeeee……….

  57. Uy ayos to ah… I never knew our walis could possibly save us “bucks” in buying a vacuum cleaner. lol =)

  58. kala ko dati di ko na maa-afford ang vacuum cleaners. buti nalang may discount pala. goodbye na sa walis namin. hehe

  59. haha i remember that commercial. nainfluence kami niyan to buy a vacuum. pero hindi kame nagsisisi. vacuum is reallt a great cleaning tool compared to walis tambo

  60. Having read this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this article together. I once again find myself spending way to much time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!

  61. brilliant and very creative…

    me don’t want a broom too. me wants a vacuum

    I followed you, please follow me too

  62. naku, napakacreative naman talaga oo. suko na kami syo…ikaw na! hehehe. yes, i think you really need a more efficient tool like Dynamica. haha. 🙂

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