Fake Blood for a Photo Shoot

Recently, I attended a Studio Lighting Workshop by the Fashion & Conceptual Photographer, Niccolo Cosme.

The Studio Lighting Workshop is for amateur and hobbyist photographers who are keen to learn the art of Portraiture, Beauty & Fashion Photography.

This 3-day hands-on interactive workshop pushes your creative flair as a photographer. This is for passionate photographers who want to inject artistry into your masterpieces.

The Studio Lighting Workshop covers Basic Studio Lighting, Portraiture, Beauty, Fashion Photography.

Anyway, we will have our own photo shoot soon and this is still part of the Studio Lighting Workshop. Our batch theme’s is about HIV or Aids. I already have a concept in mind (I’ll share it to you soon), but for now I need to make a fake blood for this photo shoot.

I tried searching online on tips how to create fake blood. Some suggests condensed milk and red food coloring will do, others say corn syrup and food coloring.

However, I found a home recipe to make fake blood that is fit for photography.

Here’s the simple and easy instructions

Red Food Coloring
Plain Flour,
Rich Dark Soy Sauce

Boil 1/4 pint of water
Add 1 tsp of gelatine crystals
Add 1/2 tsp red food coloring and 1 tsp of flour. I’m not sure if creatine powders can be a substitute for floor. But sifted cornstarch will do.
Mix together and leave for a couple of hours.
The mixture will have set but will separate easily
Add 2 tbsp of rick dark soy sauce and whisk with a fork until you get a similar running consistency of the real thing.

I’ll try this tomorrow and see if this fake blood will look great in the picture.

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