The Benefits of New Cenovis Odorless Fish Oil


Earlier this week, I attended a press conference at the Blue Water Day Spa for the launching of the new Cenovis Odorless Fish Oil. I’m glad I attended because I was able to avail and enjoy a free foot spa and back massage from the Blue Water Day Spa courtesy of Cenovis Fish Oil, aside of course from free giveaways for those who attended the event.

Even though their main endorser, Former Bb. Pilipinas Universe Charlene Gonzales, was not there during the PressCon, we were still lucky and honored to be among the firsts to discover and enjoy the benefits of Cenovis Fish Oil. Unlike any other commercially available Fish Oil Capsules that came from large fish like shark, seals, as well as cod liver oil, Cenovis Fish oil comes from anchovies, mackerel and sardines, which have shorter life span making them less exposed to water pollutants. These kinds of fish have a short lifespan making them less exposed to pollutants and contamination from the seas. Furthermore, Cenovis Fish Oil is odorless and has no fishy aftertaste because it was extracted from one of the cleanest sea, the Peruvian waters.

I learned in one of the seminars I attended in medical assistant school that fish Oil, which naturally contains Omega-3, is needed by our body to absorb essential nutrients and expel unnecessary waste products, and most importantly aids the heart from working properly for better blood circulation and lower cholesterol. Each 1000mg capsule of Cenovis Fish Oil contains the necessary amount of Omega-3 fatty acids that can greatly improve our health condition and maintain good health.

Now, you don’t need to bare the fishy smell and aftertaste of Fish Oil to have a healthy heart. All you need is one capsule of Cenovis Odorless Fish Oil every day to make the doctor go away.

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