Beating The Odds – A Guide For Leading The Nation

“It’s time for change!” “We want change!” These are the words that people, especially the leftists, have been clamoring and shouting since time immemorial. Now, that we just had our elections and a new president has been proclaimed, many societal tribulations, as well as, their solutions, will lie on his hands. Above these, he, the President-elect, still needs to overcome the criticism of his detractors.

With these, the head of the state and those who are concerned with the happenings in the political arena need to have and read the book, Beating The Odds, as it will enlighten them on the daily issues that a president has to face and struggle to survive to help his/her county men. This book is the fruit of the labor of the authors, who painstakingly gathered information over the years, about the hardships and the decisions made by President to face the most important problems suffered by the Filipino peoples, like Peso devaluation, Mindanao peace problem, SARS outbreak, coup d’état against the government and budget deficit, among others.

Mindanao Peace Process is a long overdue problem that our country has been facing ever since. Kidnappings of either tourists, peace talk volunteers, and even the locals have been an ordinary news for the Filipinos, and this is one of the major problems that the Chief Executive must face and unfortunately, none has successfully surpass it yet.

On the other hand, due to exponentially increasing population here in our country, Philippines has likewise experienced budget deficit , which leads to poverty, the so-called “low” standard of education, classroom shortage and other related issues. Beating The Odds also discussed how the president handles this problem, though some may say not successfully, how the head of the state managed to allocate funds appropriately by making hard decisions on prioritizing on which areas to be given certain budget and other budget-related issues that require critical thinking and smart decision making.

These are just some of the difficulties that the Chief Executive, the President and the Head of the State rolled into one, must face every day. Every day is not just a new day but a continuation of the previous day where the issues must be constantly be addressed to by effectively attending to them and making decisive actions to resolve them gradually, if not immediately.

Having this book, Beating The Odds, may help the newly elected president, as well as his advisers, critics, and even the common “Tao”, to understand how the leader of the nation live each of his day in the palace, how he start his day faced with enormous issues affecting the whole country and how he effectively make tough decisions that require a great deal of thinking – this is where this book may come in handy.

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