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School day is coming so fast, which means that summer vacation will soon be over, especially for all the kids out there, who I bet have enjoyed and will surely enjoy their summer adventure at Zoobic Safari. Before they bid goodbye to summer and say hello to school, I recommend bringing the children to Subic Bay Freeport Zone, where Zoobic Safari can be found. I know they will be very excited and at the same time anxious to see some wild animals roaming around the area. As you know, Zoobic Safari is the ONLY Tiger Safari here in the country.

Zoobic Safari is the latest attraction here in Subic that catches the attention of so many tourists and local people. This “play land” is more attractive to children who wanted to see live animals in action! At Zoobic Safari, they can see iguanas, bear cats, snakes and crocodiles, among others. Actually, I think this place is now gradually replacing the Manila Zoo, in terms of the number of guests and tourists that visit the place each day.

Since Zoobic Safari is located in a forest part of Subic, guests must brace themselves to see the animals roaming around – unlike some other traditional Zoo, where these animals are put behind their cages. Here, at Zoobic Safari, you get to feed them personally, or you can observe them up close and personal, if you prefer.

But that’s not all! Inside Zoobic Safari, you can opt to try their Photo Shop, where you can have a picture of you bottle-feeding one of the tiger cubs with fresh milk! You can also buy Safari-inspired items at the Zoovenir Shop. Then, if you get hungry roaming around, you can try the coffee of Cafe Montezuma, where you can have your lunch, too. Or if you still prefer to roam around the Zoobic Safari and just bring snacks with you, you can buy them from Buho Grill.

After a day of fun and excitement, I guess you don’t want to travel for hours anymore; instead you want to instantly lay your back in a soft and comfortable bed. This is not a problem as Tiara is open to serve you. It’s just 15 minutes away from the Zoobic Safari, so you don’t have to worry about being tired from travelling.

But hey! Before you have your beauty rest, you might as well try the Tram Ride @ P100/head/trip for Zooper Tram and only P50/head/trip for regular tram.

Don’t let the summer vacation end without a blast! Pack your things now and visit Zoobic Safari to experience a different summer activity before it’s over. Anyway, Zoobic Safari is open daily from 8am to 4pm daily at P449/pax entrance fee, which includes tours to the Zoobic Park, Rodent World, Serpentarium, Tiger Safari Ride, Close Encounter, Savannah, Muzzoeum, Aeta’s Trail, Hip-Hop Bay-a-Walk, Bird Walk, Croco Loco, Zoobic Cave and the Forbidden Cave.

As for the kids:

4ft. below: P100 Discount on entrance fees

3ft. below: Free Entrance

And for the Senior Citizens: 20% discount is applicable

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  1. hi.. juz want to ask abt d tour around zoobic safari…how many hours po ba i allocate in zoobic safari? wat tym ang animal parade&animal show kc wer planning to visit d ocean adventure on the same day also….kaya po ba in 1 day,2 destination?tnx

  2. It is a fun experience if you are a nature lover. Buyanihan.com have promo in Zoobic Safari for P225 only but the coupon is available until October 7 but you can avail the promo until the end of October

  3. hello, is it possible to go there even w/o a service? i meant what if we dont have car, is it still possible to go there? may mga pwede bang sakyan papunta dyan? tnx

  4. I love visiting the zoos. Here in America, we go to the zoo to enjoy a nice weekend. So far, I have been to Knoxville, TN zoo, Honolulu, HI zoo, Tyler, TX zoo and Fargo, ND zoo. Its not a lot but you get to enjoy seeing different animals.

    I have never been to Subic or the Zoobic. Maybe I should also put this on my list. Yay! I think I have to be ver careful in spending.

  5. next time we go manila, we will also go to zoobic 😀 if you have a kid, it’s their interest you always look after and i know for sure that dindin will like it here 😀

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