Are Used Ultrasound Machines Safe?

I had my ultrasound yesterday. It was a follow up test for my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. At first I was hesitant because my doctor told me that they are using used ultrasound equipment, which I feel is not safe. But the doctor told me that used medical equipments are perfectly safe. There are many used ultrasound machines available which have only been used for a short time before being discarded for a newer more advanced model. And in reality, the earlier used models still work perfectly well and are available for purchase.

In short, my doctor was successful in convincing me to have ultrasound at their clinic. But when I got home, I checked online to verify if used medical equipments are really safe. And I learned that a fully-certified ultrasound service company, like National Ultrasound, will provide you with an ultrasound machine that:

* Meets ALL OEM specifications
* Is clean and sterilized, inside and out
* Has had defective, worn and out of revision parts replaced
* Uses up-to-date software
* Passes extended diagnostics tests on the electronics and mechanical operations
* Comes with a one year warranty
* Has the service staff capable of servicing your machine
* Functions just as it should and just as you would expect. offers high quality used ultrasound equipment that is very affordable. National Ultrasound offers superb quality at the lowest possible price for ultrasound equipment.

But, still there are pitfalls of buying used medical equipment (on the buyer’s side). You won’t get the training on complex equipment that you would typically get with new pieces. Instructions may be missing. The equipment may be difficult to have serviced.

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