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Another action packed movie from Nicolas Cage is now showing, but this time, it has a twist of comedy. This film is based on a comic book authored by Mark Millar and illustrated by John Romita, Jr. , with the same title, Kick Ass. I was surprised to learn that this film is produced by the handsome and sexy actor Brad Pitt together with Matthew Vaughn. I can say that director Matthew Vaughn is the main guy in the production of this sensational movie, Kick Ass, as he also directed it as well as wrote the script with Jane Goldman.

Brad Pitt was actually considered for the “Big Daddy” role but unfortunately, Vaughn thought that Nicolas Cage is more suitable for the character of Damon Macready, who was a former cop. Actually, Cage was given an option to choose whose role to play – whether to play as Frank D’Amico or to choose Big Daddy, the super hero name of Damon Macready. Nicolas Cage has chosen the role of Big Daddy, as he described the character to be the heart of the film (he’s referring to the father-daughter relationship of Big Daddy and Hit Girl.

The plot of the film is simple. An ordinary guy who is fond of reading comic books wanted to become a superhero and fight against the bad guys. Then he meets another super hero wannabes that turned his simple and ordinary boring world upside down. Though the story is as ordinary and simple as that, the characters contributed a lot to make the whole movie interesting, injected with humor, action, disturbing violence and love (for peace and love ones).

Anyway, another interesting character in the movie, which really entertained me and awed me at the same time, is Hit Girl. I know, there are some negative feedbacks on this character due to her gruesome way of punishing the “criminals”, but still, I liked her, and most of those who have seen the movie will agree with me, I bet. Hit Girl, she’s Mindy by the way, when not in her super hero costume, is played by Chloë Grace Moretz. I think, the title of the movie must suppose to be Hit Girl and not Kick Ass, as she gave life to the movie. Everyone who’s watching the movie with me inside the theater was extra anxious and thrilled at the same time, the minute Hit Girl “hits” the screen with her must-see action moves coupled with her favorite weapon, the butterfly knife, which originated here in the Philippines and most commonly known as the “Balisong”. If I’m not mistaken, she really did studied the techniques to use Balisong the Filipino way (which made the movie more interesting, especially to the Filipino movie goers). Well, enough of Hit Girl, or else I might burst some “spoilers” here.

Next, the main protagonist of Kick Ass, the Kick Ass himself also known as one-of-those-typical high school boy, Dave Lizewski, who was played by Aaron Johnson. A little trivia, Johnson’s audition tape for the role was initially turned down by Vaughn without even watching it. Due to some reasons, he watched the audition tape and immediately decided that Johnson was perfect for the role.

Here are some other actors and actresses in the movie that add spice to it: Mark Strong as Frank D’Amico the leader of a criminal organization, who has a son, Chris D’Amico (Red Mist) played by , Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Also starring are Yancy Butler, Jason Flemyng , Elizabeth McGovern, Lyndsy Fonseca, Dexter Fletcher, Clark Duke, Evan Peters, Xander Berkeley, Omari Hardwick, the former wrestler, Nelson Frazier, Jr and Craig Ferguson were also cast in the movie.


9/10 – Very good actors (I really love Hit Girl). Great concept, great script and great movie!

“Kick Ass” really kicks some ass!!!

“Kick-Ass” (rated R for strong brutal violence throughout, pervasive language, s3xual content, nudity and some drug use – some involving children)

Kick Ass premiered last Friday, April 16, 2010 and is still now showing in theaters near you. So, what are you waiting for? Get the chance to meet Hit Girl and get ready to be Kicked Ass.

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  1. I’m a big fan of the comic book way back Feb of 2008… Everybody predicted it would become a movie when issue #1 came out… It’s that good… Definitely watching this…

  2. It’s nice to see another girl liking this 😀 my girlfriend was absolutely blown away too

    lookout for Scott Pilgrim vs. World. Also coming out this year. It’s based on a comic that has a strong female fanbase, and you should def give it a read if you can

  3. i agree with you especially with Hit Girl. She’s the most colorful character in the movie. She’s really very adorable and deceiving.

    Red mist is also an interesting character for me. hahaha i’m amused when he danced (head bang) together with Kick ass inside his car.

    this movie is enjoyable if you don’t expect too much.

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