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With todays fast paced lifestyles, who has the time for healthy meal planning?

According to the food pyramid, ideally, we should be eating 3  servings of vegetables, 2-4 servings of fruit, 4-8 servings of grains or starchy vegetables, etc.  If you want to maintain the best health you can, you should likely eat a little from each food group daily.

So if you are looking for healthy meal ideas, you are not alone. Many people are taking control of their health, learning how to prevent chronic and life threatening illnesses and living longer, healthier lives.

But you might be surprised to learn that it’s not hard to get organized and plan healthy meals that are easy to prepare, inexpensive and good for you with the help of Del Monte Kitchenomics.

Del Monte Kitchenomics has been the Filipino homemakers’ cooking and kitchen partner since 1984. Short for Kitchen Economics, Kitchenomics provides housewives with budget-friendly recipes that are easy-to-do, delicious and nutritious.

Its goal is to to help their club members solve their culinary dilemmas—be it the need for new ideas and variety or for budget and time saving tips.

Del Monte Kitchenomics’ budget tools offers price watch, common conversions, food alternatives and seasonal produce.  Members can also share their recipes and give some cooking tips to other members.

There is also a Kiddie Section where kids can play a game and where moms can read articles that can help make kids aware of the importance of healthy eating.

Members of Del Monte Kitchenomics, not only have an access to Del Monte Kitchenomics’ deep library of affordable, nutritious and delicious meals, they are also one of the first to know about Del Monte’s exclusive events and promos.

Del Monte Kitchenomics is indeed a valuable partner to moms in providing affordable and nutritious meals to their families.

So if you are not yet a member of Del Monte Kitchenomics (and get the best recipes and tips for FREE), join the club now… Visit

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