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Special Valentine’s Day Promotion 10% discount for PayPal users. During the Promotion, get 10% cash back in your PayPal account when you use PayPal to pay for your purchases during the Promotion Period (January 25 to February 14, 2010) – up to a maximum of US$25 rebate per PayPal account.

Qualifying Purchases
In order to be eligible to participate in this Promotion, your online purchases must be:

  1. made and completed within the Promotion Period;
  2. paid for through the PayPal services (excluding any purchases made through PayPal’s “Send Money” and “Email Payments” services);
  3. made by a single payment using one PayPal account; partial payments or multiple payments using more than one PayPal account will not qualify; and
  4. successfully completed without disputes, claims or chargebacks of any kind.

For the avoidance of doubt, purchases of services are not eligible for this Promotion.

Eligibility of participants
In order to be eligible to participate in this Promotion, you must:

  1. be at least 18 years of age, and have a PayPal account with a valid registration address in relation thereto located either in Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan;
  2. have a PayPal account in good standing, with current contact information throughout the Promotion Period. In order for an account to be deemed in good standing as that term is used herein, the account must not have a hold status and/or be suspended or past due as of April 30th, 2010.

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1 comment

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  1. Hi, today I just got notification that has sent some money to my paypal account. First, I didn’t believe because it sounded so spammy. But, when I logged in to my account, the money is there. It is not a scam 🙂 I’m glad. And now I remember have clicked something for PayPal Valentine promotion during Jan 25th-feb 14th. Have you got yours?

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