Domain Appraisal

I already have 10 blogs but I seldom update them. So I just registered 10 names and don’t know what to do with them. When I talked to my friend, he asked me:

“Have you ever thought about having one of your registered domain names appraised, because you were considering selling it and wanted to know what a fair price would be? Maybe you’re just curious about how much your domain is worth? Did the high fees for detailed appraisal services turn you off of the idea, or are you still considering it?”

So What’s my domain name worth? To find the value of the domain name some day, get a Domain Appraisal done to find the estimate domain price. Generally the domain name is appraised on some certain factors and some of them are Marketability, Clarity, Memorability, Popularity, Extension, Length, Words, Hyphens, Numerals, Substitutions and Abbreviations. provides a service that provides accurate domain name values for buying, selling, and tax purposes. All their domain appraisals are independent and automation free.

If you do decide to get and pay for a professional appraisal, make sure you are engaging a reputable company or you would end up blowing your money.

Always remember that a domain name appraisal from anyone whether a paid professional or your average Joe is only an educated guess. Keep in mind how educated that guess may be however. A domain as with anything else is only worth what some one is willing to pay for it.

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