Singapore Expo to accelerate growth of Traditional Medicine in ASEAN

With the trend towards a healthy lifestyle on the rise, so is the demand for natural products like traditional medicine (TM). Just over the last five years, China exports of traditional medicine to the ASEAN region have increased by more than 150 percent from US$81.36 million in 2004 to US$210.80 million in 2008.

Aside from its being a natural and holistic alternative to western medicine, traditional medicine’s affordability, accessibility, effectiveness, and long heritage are the factors driving the growth of the industry.

An inaugural exposition to be held in Singapore aims to further accelerate the growth of the TM sector by providing a platform for TM organizations from the region to showcase the latest in patent medicine, raw herbs, herbal extracts, health supplements, health care and therapy, as well as equipment and related services.

Jointly organized by Singapore TCM Organizations Committee (STOC) and the Singapore TCM College, the Traditional Medicine Expo (TMExpo) 2009 will be held from December 4-6, 2009 at the Suntec City International Convention and Exhibition, Singapore.

Said Mr. Lee Tiong Sa, Chairman of STOC, “The organization of TMExpo 2009 is very timely as the governments of the various ASEAN countries work towards the establishment of an ASEAN common market, and to harmonize the regulatory system for Traditional Medicine and Health Supplements for the region by 2015.”

Trade visitors looking to gain a deeper understanding of the latest developments and regulatory systems for traditional medicine in the various countries in the region will definitely gain invaluable insights at the TM Expo 2009 conference; the one-and-a-half day conference will feature an esteemed panel of speakers hailing from national health organizations, industry associations, and prestigious educational institutions in the region.

Two Filipino experts, Dr. Rainier Villanueva, President of the Chamber of Herbal Industries of the Philippines, and Mrs Melody Zamudio, Food-Drug Regulation Officer III, Food & Drug Administration, Philippines, will join the roster of speakers at the TM Expo Conference.

As the conference is expected to attract 200-250 overseas business practitioners, it will offer excellent opportunities for corporate networking and potential business collaboration.

According to Dr. Villanueva, “The conference programme will serve to strengthen understanding of the government regulatory policies for Traditional Medicine in the various markets in the region as well as key trends driving the growth in the sector. I am confident that industry players will be able to glean insightful information which can help them explore untapped opportunities and venture into new markets.”

In addition to showcasing the latest on traditional medicine in the region, TM Expo 2009 will also feature exhibitors from China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and the U.S.

These regional companies find TM Expo 2009 as an opportunity to launch their products and services.

According to Dato Dr Pa Nok Ching of Malaysia’s Jin Bin Corporation Sdn Bhd, “As the up and coming regional TM hub in Asia, Singapore is the perfect location to introduce our company and launch some of our products to a regional audience. We are also hoping to identify potential working partners and overseas business prospects.”

The TM Expo is supported by International Enterprise Singapore, the Singapore Ministry of Health, SPRING Singapore, the Singapore Tourism Board, and corporate sponsor Eu Yan Sang.

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