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It is Sunday evening and you are preparing again to go on a business trip. Monday morning the alarm goes off at 4:00 am, you drag your body and your briefcase to your car, drive to the airport, wait in a long line, get on a plane, get off a plane, and find your way to your client’s office. When you finally get home Monday night, you have spent more time traveling than meeting and you have dozens of emails and several important phone calls to return.

According to leading web conferencing service providers, the typical sales cycle can be cut two to three weeks with web conferencing. Providing a virtual conference room environment, web conferencing eliminates the need to travel, linking geographically disperse workgroups and telecommuters. The return on investment for web conferencing can be measured not only in dollars and cents, but also in personnel efficiency, knowledge distribution and increased sales opportunities.

RHUB (Real-Time Collaboration HUB) is the first solution ever to deliver four complete collaboration technologies in one appliance – allowing customers to not only do web conferencing, but to also conduct webinars, deliver remote support to clients, and to have remote access to personal PC capability – all with one box.

HUB web meeting, remote access, remote desktop and remote support appliances are designed to to:
Give online sales presentations and product demos
Conduct remote desktop tech support for PC or Mac customers
Provide online training or seminars
Host secured internal online web meeting among employees
Access your home/office remote desktops

So, the next time Sunday night comes around and you are faced with another week of travel, email trails, difficulty in scheduling training and long lead times in closing sales and negotiating contracts, do yourself a favor and look into web conferencing for your business.

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